The Internet The Wonderful And Dreadful Tool By Helene Goldnadel Of International Creative Artists

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Helene Goldnadel is the owner of the post-secondary licensed school, International Creative Artists. She is a public speaker, a life coach and has published a lot of articles in the US and Internationally. She speaks about the blessings and dangers of the Internet.

Helene Goldnadel is the owner of International Creative Artists, the Post-Secondary Institution licensed in the State of California. Helene Goldnadel, the victim of an internet extortion ring is warning other business owners of the scam.

This story involving numerous business owners throughout the country and notably two business owners from Florida aired on WSVN Fox Television a few months back.

WSVN Fox television sought to expose the information highway criminals that have been making attempts at extorting good business owners money. 7 news Carmel Cafiero concludes her news segment by saying: "In the mean time the internet provides a well of information... And a well of misinformation."

In this day and age, the amazing technology that brought the Internet into our every day life allows one to reach anyone in the world from the click of the mouse; but then all of a second it can all go wrong.

Any law abiding, spiritual individual or any business could also fall prey of the extortion ring that has been terrorizing successful, integral business owners.

When this happened to Helene Goldnadel of International Creative Artists, the licensed acting school, she put up a site to fight two extortion sites and their owners.

"Let's say one owns a very successful business, says Helene Goldnadel." She continues: "Such hard working, dedicated business owner has happy clients, he/she works in integrity, and creates a win-win situation where the business does well and the clients get exactly the services they expect."

"Then one day that same business owner gets emails from two hate sites that the reader can find out about by logging onto a site which I created, which URL is listed below," says Goldnadel.

The message in those emails was: "A complaint was placed against you".

"When this happened and I checked those "complaints"," says Helene Goldnadel, "I almost fell off my chair! I read to my astonishment that our institution was "a rip-off place", that "I was on drugs", "a child molester", that "all of our employees and myself were transvestites, that I, a petite woman from France, used to be called Harold, which was changed to Helene(!), and that I was "organizing gay parades in my area", she adds.

Helene Goldnadel quickly figured out that the author of the postings was allegedly the owner of a modeling school in her area, that got kicked out from one of the non-licensed franchised schools and was now operating on her own (without any proper licensing still) and probably not doing as well as the International Creative Artists Institution does.

"I contacted the site owner, which you can only do by email at first, and told him that these "complaints" were made by the same person, under different alias and faked email addresses" says Goldnadel.

She also asked him to please check that the complainants do not exist and that those postings are just a poor attempt from the "wanna be competition" to attack her Institution and herself.

The response was that he could never remove anything from his siteā€¦ Unless Goldnadel and International Creative Artists pay him $50,000 plus a monthly payment of $5,000 for "monitoring" the postings. (!)

The site created by Helene Goldnadel is out to identify the defamation for potential readers, to protect her reputation, her business and her graduates reputation who posted responses to clear their school on that trashy site. "Next thing they knew, THEY were being slandered", says Goldnadel. Other business owners joined and linked their sites to Goldnadel's.

Helene Goldnadel continues: "I found out that the financial demands from the criminals in question range from a few hundred dollars a month to a few thousand dollars a month with "down payments" of anywhere between five thousand to fifty thousand dollars." Helene adds: "Now be aware that the owner of that site actually owns a few sites! If you do a search on my name or company name, two sites come up, that are owned by the same people. (Both sites are exposed on Helene Goldnadel's site listed below.) She continues: "If some one decides to pay off the extortonists, you might consider the possibility that a month or two down the line, the defamation could move to another one of their sites, especially if a person or company makes a big bulk one time payment to the extortionists! And then what? Are you going to pay yet more money? Until when?!"

The FBI is conducting an investigation at this time; "it's about time!" says Goldnadel who linked her site denouncing the slandering sites to all the other victimized business owners sites as they contact her every day.

When you are defamed on those hate sites says Goldnadel, anything goes. An employee gets let go, or goes to work for a competitive company, they start slandering you as well. It's easy, it's free for the slanderer (but not for the defamed companies), and up till now nobody does anything about this.

Helene Goldnadel and her employees and graduates cannot wait for the FBI to get their hands on the owners of those hate sites, and identify the IP addresses of the people responsible for the slander and the defamation.

I asked Helene Goldnadel the following question: "Has the defamation really affected your business?"

"Thank God most people are not stupid", says Goldnadel." She adds: "Nobody who met me, our employees, Faculty, Administration, talked to our students and graduates, believes any of that trash. But It may keep people from coming in in the first place if they do a search prior to visiting us at International Creative Artists. I feel that mostly everybody with a brain would know by reading that crap that it's all made up!

The owners of the two hate sites cannot be located, use servers out of China and are running from the FBI at this point. I stongly recommand that the people who have defamed and slandered companies and individuals on those hate sites would stop adding to the list of crimes they have already coommitted. When those IP adresses come up, the law will prevail!"

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