TuHorn Enterprises, LLP Launches a Free Online Marketplace with Attribute-Base Listings

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TuHorn Enterprises, LLP Launches a free online marketplace with attribute-base listings that have no end date.

TuHorn Enterprises, LLP, a developer of an eBay bidding service and several massively multiplayer online role playing games, announced today that it is launching eFlee.com, a new online marketplace where items can be listed, sold, or swapped for free. Unlike other online marketplaces, items listed on eFlee.com have no end date and are described using attributes.

“As a maker of a highly respected eBay bidding service, we have seen the needs of online consumers ignored by the popular online marketplaces. Consumers want low or no fees to list and sell items. Consumers want to list items longer than 30 days. Consumers want to decide when the right price is offered. eFlee.com delivers on these needs”, said Michael Horn, Partner for TuHorn Enterprises, LLP.

Attribute-based eFlee.com items are superior to the unformatted listings currently available on other marketplaces. Attributes provide a structured method of describing similar items so that they can be quickly located by searches and compared. For example, a 32 Meg memory card has the “Size In Meg” attribute with the value of “32”. This allows the eFlee.com system to perform searches on the number “32” instead of the unformatted text string “32 Meg”. Using attributes, an eFlee.com query can look for all memory cards that have at least 32 Meg, but not more than 128 Meg. This type of query is extremely difficult or impossible using unformatted queries. Each category defines its own set required attributes and all items listed in that category must provide a value. Custom attributes can be added to allow the owner to further describe characteristic of the item. Custom attributes can then be promoted to a required attribute if the owners of other similar items define the same attribute. This allows our users to define what the attributes should be, instead of imposing hypothetical attributes on everyone.

Since most of the important information about an item is included in the attributes, navigating between items is very convenient as compared to other unformatted services. Trying to locate the iPod model number on 5 different auctions is almost impossible for unformatted listings, but very easy using eFlee.com attribute-based listings.

Every eFlee.com item also includes a dedicated public forum where people can post questions and comments about the item. The forum is also used to track the progress of the transaction such as when a payment was sent, when the item was sent, and what the overall satisfaction was of the buyer and seller. The system imposes time limits on each step of the transaction and automatically records negative feedback for unresponsive users. Once a transaction is complete, the ownership of the item is automatically transferred to the new owner who can immediately receive new offers to trade or buy. Eventually, when the item is broken, missing, or has no value, then the item can be deleted from the system.

In addition to unlimited free listings, a registered user also gets his/her own homepage where he/she can describe themselves and their interests. A homepage can be used like a BLOG where people can respond to your message using the dedicated forum. Image hosting is also free for up to 8 images per item. Email forwarding allows users to directly email each other using their dedicated eflee.com address so that your personal email is always kept private.

“Since eFlee is free and has no end dates, people can list almost everything they own, even if they do not intend on selling them. List your prized comic book collection, baseball cards, or anything. You never know when someone wants to buy what you have. How much will a wife in Florida pay for your Pete Rose rookie card after the family dog ate her husband’s? Even though you never intended on selling that card, I bet she will offer a price that you cannot refuse. The price of anything is based on demand. eFlee.com provides the marketplace where your items can remain listed until the demand produces the right price”, said Shawn Horn, Partner for TuHorn Enterprises, LLP.

eFlee.com generates operating income through a small text only advertising panel that is displayed on all pages. These advertisements simply promote awareness of other items listed in eFlee.com. An advertisement can be configured to be displayed only to visitors that live within a specified distance to the service or product offered. For example, a family owned restaurant can create a free eFlee.com item describing their establishment and include hours, a full menu, or an online coupon. The owner can purchase an advertisement campaign so that the item is displayed in the advertisement panel 50 times, but only if the visitor has a configured address that is within 20 miles of the restaurant. “Since eFlee.com is free, we hope every small business owner in the country creates his own item to describe their product or service, and then promote the item when appropriate”, said Michael Horn, Partner for TuHorn Enterprises, LLP. “Proximity based advertising is not generally promoted on the web, but we think it can be more effective than advertising in the local newspaper.”

About TuHorn Enterprises, LLP

Established in 2000 to provide tools to assist the eBay buyer and seller, TuHorn Enterprises, LLP has developed many web sites and web services. The PhantomBidder.com bidding service is used by thousands of users a day to take advantage of eBay’s fixed end time auctions and get the best price possible. The PhonyFootball.com online game is similar to fantasy football leagues except that the games are simulated, played every day, and the players can be from any era, not just active players.


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