Financial Squeeze Play in 2006 Creates Problem for Investors

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2006 bids fair to become a hard period for investors. Asset managers in all countries approach the quandary portending the upcoming crisis. Tuono Corp. sees remedies for investors to decrease risks associated with this impending scenario.

Asset managers around the world face a number of obstacles as they approach 2006. With an abundance of capital chasing so few opportunities, the potential outcome for hedge funds, endowments, foundations, pension schemes and high net worth individuals is a year whereby fees exceed returns.

"Capital is at a crossroad in 2006," states Michael D. Billy, CEO of The Tuono Corporation. "Asset managers are going to be confronted with the reality that their existing technologies, combined with market strategies, are no longer effective."

The obstacles` facing institutional asset managers is centered on the question of "where do we stand now". The first conundrum is to change or realign asset class correlations so that performance exceeds fees. With more than $1 trillion of capital packed into the hedge fund industry, absolute return will be like finding needle in a hay stack. A revamping of asset choice and strategy mix is needed to optimize portfolio values, and reduce future pension liabilities.

The second issue for investors is where do I find integrity and ethics for my allocations? That quandary is answered by getting a higher level of transparency and accountability from whoever is responsible for their allocations. While a calculated risk is acceptable, a lack of transparency and accountability is not. Too many incidences in 2005, and prior, have made these two operating criteria's critical for allocating funds to an outside source.

The third challenge faced by asset managers is how they can extract themselves from a herd mentality, whereby they can benefit from fresh approaches to market timing and strategy techniques, along with technology complements.

The Tuono Corporation, based in Naples, Florida, introduces its fresh asset management solutions to fight off the upcoming financial crisis 2006.

The company offers a family of complementary optimization tools and contributing resources geared toward making good traders into experts respective of their respective strategies. In addition to adding innovations to "gray-box" market strategies, Tuono`s flagship product, which is known as opentick (, also allows individual traders to refine their skills thereby experiencing optimal results from their systematic or "black-box" trading methodologies. From Tuono, new tools will bring a revolutionary shift that favors investment into the future.

”Strategies for specific market situations aside, we believe protection of your capital begins with the firm you have chosen to allocate. It is our responsibility to make sure your assets are guarded from unnecessary risk,” Billy continues. “Tuono becomes your think tank to benefit from this foreseeable trend within capital management”, he concludes.

Founded as a separate entity, Tuono`s asset management firm will be introducing a newly created hybrid hedge fund in early 2006 that will incorporate its innovative features and operating components.

In conjunction with its forthcoming hybrid fund offering, exclusive T-Circle is scheduled to be open for membership in January 2006. Limited to forty members on a world-wide basis, the Tuono Founders Circle (known as the T-Circle) will have exclusivity and associated compensating benefits. Its members will be privileged to insight gained from various trading techniques, strategies, non-correlated asset class match-ups and other portfolio operational factors that collaborate to outperform the benchmarks.

For more information about company and T-Circle membership, you can visit or call us at 1-888-TUONOCO.


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