CompAmerica's New $229 PC: The Pheonix 64 Does 64 Bits

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New low cost 64-Bit PC features all the capabilities of high end 64 Bit systems, runs Windows XP for 64Bit AMD chips. CompAmerica ( says system “blow the doors off” competitor’s low priced Intel Celeron based offerings.

With Cyber-Monday in mind, CompAmerica ( released the “2006 model” CompAmerica Phoenix 64, a new PC with 64 Bit Addressability and backwards 32 Bit Compatibility, designed for “all those computer wizards under 20 years, and everyone else watching their pocketbooks.” Emphasizing the low end for the holidays, the Phoenix 64 leverages AMDs new Athlon64 derivative: the AMD Sempron Socket 754 CPU, a chip that is being vastly underestimated, says CompAmerica. The company indicated tests have shown it is substantially faster than the equivalent Intel Celeron D series, despite having it’s 64 Bit extensions unimplemented, and is pin for pin compatible with the Athlon 64/Socket 754, allowing the Phoenix an upgrade path. For high end users, the Phoenix 64 also offer new fully 64 Bit Athlon64 Socket 754 CPU chips… up to 3600+ and beyond. The resulting Phoenix 64 exceeds the performance of equivalent models with any Intel CPUs in the Pentium 4 line up to and including the Intel P4/3.6E, at about half (1/2) the ticket price.

Computer guru Dr. Jack A. Shulman, CompAmerica’s Chairman, emphasized: “We are traditionally an Intel house. Even I use a CompAmerica Panther with Intel Pentium 4 3.4e on my desk. Nonetheless, times being price sensitive: I turned to AMD for this series PC. We decided to make the new Phoenix a low price model with the same high performance ‘barn burner’ PC as I use, with all the frills, and fully upgradable. The Phoenix 64 is a true $299 64 Bit product based on AMD’s new Socket 754 series CPUs, the Athlon-64 and Sempron. It has depth of performance unheard of in Intel’s Celeron line, yet a low pricetag. (The Celeron is customarily found in low end PCs from Dell, HP-Compaq and IBM.) The Phoenix is right up there with the Pentium 4 2.8 and 3.2 and beyond, performance wise, only at a much lower price tag.”

For Gamers, CompAmerica indicated the Phoenix 64 is also available in a “Super Sport” model: an alternative mainboard that can run the lowly Sempron 2600+ at speeds equal in performance to the Pentium 4 3.4E and offers a choice of nVidia 7800GTX or nVidia 6600 ultra Gamer Vido Adapters. The company says the new Sempron 3000+ actually over-clocks faster than the Pentium 4 3.6E, with faster models coming from AMD soon.

“While we do not encourage over-clocking, since that can damage a system: we admire individual resourcefulness of those Gamers who squeeze the highest possible performance out of a system without damaging it. The Sempron seems to do so quite well, as evidenced by benchmarks performed by famed XBit Labs (,” stated a company spokesperson.

Dr. Shulman, one of the computer industry’s earliest gaming software and personal computer innovators, added: “In years when gasoline is selling for $2.00 - $3.00 a gallon, for under $500 the Phoenix can get your business going! Gamers take advantage of gaming already written for PCs, the Internet, and Microsoft Office and Small Business Accounting, as well as other such applications. Perfect for SOHO work, for small offices, stand alones, and gamers. And, as usual, it’s covered by our 5 Year Limited warranty and comes with full enterprise ready networking. If your gaming commitment is less than ‘24x7 white-knuckled and featured on an upcoming CSI Miami episode’, then why even buy an overpriced xBox 360 rig, which can run into the thousands, when for far less, you can simply get a Phoenix and play virtually the same kinds of games or automate your home or office? Hype? If all you want is to play a few games: then order up our Atari Flashback Gaming System for $19.95 and revisit the 80’s. Enough is enough, Steve!”

“With no rebates needed to send in, no holiday sale pricing to rush off to the store to fight over, no ‘limited availability’, what we’ve just introduced is a well designed 64 Bit personal computer, and we’ve broken through the $300 price barrier!” added a spokesperson.

CompAmerica, a leader in innovative computing solutions, indicated that the product will be available “direct from us”, a departure from its 2 tier marketing approach. The company indicated it will sell the product by phone and internet only, to insure that customers get fast turnaround and the lowest possible price. “Compare that with our competitors’ low end PCs: dinosaur offerings which this holiday look to us like meager pickings, by comparison with the Phoenix 64.” stated Joseph Davenport, a CompAmerica engineering contractor. “We support all appropriate flavors of Windows and Linux on all CompAmerica products,” he added.

CompAmerica can be reached by phone at 888-275-2771, on the web at and is headquartered in New Jersey.

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