Mission Possible for the New Kind of Hero from China: Chinese Girl Brings Tom Cruise to a Whole New Level in Her Latest Book

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Niki calls Tom Cruise her "Apollo" in her latest book "My Love for You, Tom Cruise -- A Desperate Chinese Girl's Confession," the god of light and truth from Greek myth. And her website is truly amusing and inspiring. Her dream guy made her mission possible.

Tom Cruise made a Chinese girl's mission possible by inviting Niki Yan, the Chinese girl who just wrote "My Love for You, Tom Cruise -- A Desperate Chinese Girl's Confession" to the Mission Impossible III set. Niki says Cruise is the metaphor of love and power, the most positive force, the light from the darkness, "he is beyond what he is (as an actor)."

And this amazing guy talks about humanity, Easter culture and civilization during their first meeting in Los Angeles. "The invincible and the beautiful," as Niki calls Tom.

Niki's new book is a mixture of humor, fantasy and genuine emotion. She has such titles like "Ten reasons why Tom has to love Niki Yan", " I fall in love with a Super Star," "My big Fat Chinese wedding," "How Tom and Niki met on another planet," " The feast of a Virgin heart," " My Apollo ( The Modern fairytale)", " Cinderella's daydreaming" , The odyssey with Cruise" " From Lemon Chicken to Spaghetti", " Destiny with Tom Cruise", " How Apollo saved me", "Like a virgin -- Climbing Mount Everest," "Mission Possible for Niki Cruise." She is brilliant on blending the humor and genuine emotion on a deep level which will stir your soul. You laugh it, you tear it, and eventually you will have to think for your own.

And her website http://www.myTomCruisebook.com is truly amusing. It displays her own sense of humor and open spirit. If you want to watch her and Tom Cruise on E! News, you can also go to her website to watch the video which is about her own mission accomplished.

She is bold, she is fearless. And she has no problem to show who she is. She is the new kind of hero.

The poems she wrote for Tom are also collected in the book, "I see you, a genius with the soul of snow, I see you, a permanent voice standing on my roof, I see you walking on the Everest, with tears falling down on my finger tip." Niki says in the poem "Waiting for you for a Thousand years" for Tom Cruise.

She is good at showing and digging raw emotion on the deepest level. "I have no problem to show my love and desire." Niki says.

Her imagination is wild, her emotion is genuine, her humor is hilarious, and her love is deep and broad. Her talent and brilliance are shown through the whole book. She is conquering her dream one by one, and she never stops pursuing what she wants in her heart. And meeting Cruise just opened another door of dream for her. And dreams are possibilities.

"Never stop dreaming, cause that's what nourishes your soul. Never stop hoping, that's what life is all about".

Niki is absolutely positive and unbreakable hopeful. She has a lot dreams. Meeting with Cruise fulfilled her dream since she was a little girl, and she was longing and dreaming in another side of the world. Now the village girl's dream came true.

"My ultimate dream is to change the world through my books and my films. I care about people; I care about the world, just like Tom." Niki is never tired talking about her dream guy, like what she says in her book," I love just the way he is, no more, no less, to me, he is perfect." And it's the passion for life that made Niki fly high after the hardship-growing up in China. She is a new kind of hero. Like she said: "Nothing is impossible, in a free world of imagination, there is no limitation."

"Dream does not die. Dream never dies, it's in my heart, it's beating, it's flowing, it's living, it's blossoming, I want you to realize your dream too, I want you bold enough to embrace your own truth, your own desire and expectation. Fear is the only thing on the way to happiness and success. And Cruise was like the sunshine coming directly from the bleakest sky, he is still the sunshine, it is bright enough to shine the whole sky. I felt the connection as soon as he walked towards me."

"Love, dream, and hope" is all she cares about, and it goes through her whole book. "Ultimately I want to move people; there is profound purpose and meaning beneath my humor."

This new type of hero wants to save your soul.

She was a rebel, she wanted to break the rules, shake the whole system, and live the life of her own. Maybe the Chinese tradition did not teach her so, and the poor village she grew up did not made her a new kind of hero either, but Tom Cruise did, and her own love and dream for life favored her own success," I am the gold, I have to shine!" Niki says. And she has been shining since she saw Top Gun when she was a little girl, and her life was never the same. She wanted to explore the world, she wanted adventure, she wanted to open the mind to the sky high. And she did on her own, "I never limited myself, I'm always open to the totality of possibilities, and the full potential of human being. I had an open mind from the very beginning." So is this open mind that made Niki to fly sky high? made her wrote a bunch of books, eventually came to America and met Tom Cruise, her dream love, and the answer is Yes.

And her new book" My Love for You, Tom Cruise -- A Desperate Chinese Girl's Confession" is about love, dream and hope.

"I have no problem to show my love to a super star, I have no problem to be who I am, I have no problem to pursue my dreams". Niki, the poor little Chinese girl finally met her "Apollo", how far can she go? "Well, I want to go as far as I can, only those who are willing to go too far can possibly find out how far one can go." Niki currently is working on the publishing of her book, and she hopes Cruise -- her "soul mate" and dream love -- will star in her latest screenplay.

Contact Niki: Stonesky2004(at)aol(dot)com; 323-464-0418, or visit http://www.myTomCruisebook.blogspot.com
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