Q-Slim Direct Sales License Obtained From ZPRO Pharmaceutical, Inc. By ZORBA Nutraceuticals, Inc. For Powerful New Weight Loss Fat Sponge Obesity Supplement

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ZORBA Nutraceuticals, Inc. (ZORBA) is pleased to announce that it has licensed Q-Slim (a ZPRO weight loss fiber supplement formulated from natural fibers and nutrients) from ZPRO Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (ZPRO) for direct mail and internet sales. The licensed ZPRO fiber is a powerful, new and innovative (“first of its kind”) all-natural component technology fat sponge. This technology is expected to provide non-digested fat absorbing fibers that are 5 to 10 times more effective in removing dietary fat from the digestive system than ordinary fat sponges. Unlike ordinary fat sponges, that work only in the acid stomach environment, the ZPRO fiber works throughout the whole digestive system. (See the ZORBA educational and marketing website http://www.azorba.com for more information on the Q-Slim product and weight loss products).

Q-Slim is a weight loss supplement formulated from natural fibers and nutrients, which is a powerful, new and innovative (“first of its kind”) all-natural component technology fat sponge. This licensed technology is the best ever fat sponge to reach the market, and is 5 to 10 times more effective than ordinary fat sponges in animals. Human study results also support this analysis of the data.

Q-Slim is a fantastic and exciting new fiber that provides a solid promise to overcome several limitations of currently marketed fat sponges and fat blockers, since it has the ability to break the glass ceiling for fat absorption and to increase calorie reduction effectiveness without the usual side effects. The Q-Slim fiber technology represents a break-through in limitations for super fat sponges in a race to provide even more powerful fat absorbing supplement tools to reduce fat calories, promote heart health, and provide solid support for people trying to managing fat calories in any good weight loss program. According to a study conducted at Virginia Tech in Q-2 of 2005, Q-Slim appears to be both safe and effective. Thus, it can be a powerful supplement resource as part of a sensible program to lose weight and to maintain weight loss.

According to ZPRO scientists, Q-Slim is designed to work powerfully throughout the entire digestive system to absorb large amounts of dietary fat (like a fat sponge or fat magnet), not just in the stomach like all other known fat sponge fibers. (See, http://www.azorba.com/Q-Slim.html). Unlike other marketed fat sponges, Q-Slim fiber is designed to like and to associate with both water and fat. Data suggests that this fiber distributes itself evenly throughout the digestive fluid in the dietary tract without being digested, where it works powerfully to grab, absorb and eliminate fat from the digestive system before that fat can enter the blood stream and be used as fat calories. Other fat sponges only work by absorbing fat in the acidic stomach environment, since they are not soluble in digestive fluids of the small and large intestine. Based upon this data, a person should be able to use a MUCH smaller effective dose of the ZPRO fiber than is usual for fat sponges to be effective, and can help avoid the side effects sometimes present with larger amounts of fat sponge fibers.

With very limited success, other companies have tried to modify Chitosan compositions to increase the surface area on fiber ropes in order to try to absorb more fat and to make better fat sponges. Such large modified structures might be best described as “ragged, screen door” type molecules (in the shape of a “fish-net” with cross-linked fiber ropes) that still only work in an acidic stomach environment. Once such large molecules reach the small intestine and large intestine, they are not soluble or dispersible in digestive fluids and drop like a stone from dietary fluids. Clumping into balls with only the outer surface accessible to dietary fat, they do not further absorb much dietary fat once they leave the stomach itself, but can trap important fat-soluble vitamins inside such clumps. Such “improved” fat sponge compositions have limited effectiveness and are best taken at least one hour before meals so they can work in the acid stomach. If they are not taken in the form of quick-dissolving capsule powders, they MAY NOT WORK AT ALL. You may wish to avoid any Chitosan fiber products in a tablet or caplet form. Since they do not dissolve well in the stomach in tablet or caplet form, and may not dissolve at all until they are in the small intestine, which can lead to a very limited effect.

ZORBA is excited by an important animal study that ZPRO conducted with Q-Slim (study design approved by Dr. E.A. Emken, a retired USDA metabolic and fat studies expert) at Virginia Tech earlier this year (Q-2 of 2005). The ZPRO fiber study was conducted in collaboration with Carilion Biomedical Institute in Roanoke, VA, Virginia Tech and ZPRO Pharmaceutical, Inc. Animals were fed a measured amount of radioactive fat along with either the ZPRO fiber, an FDA approved fat blocker lipase inhibitor (Xenical®), or a placebo. The VT experts measured the amount of radioactive fat eliminated in the dietary animal waste as a result of dietary fat being blocked from being digested as fat calories. The ZPRO fiber (Q-Slim active ingredient) GREATLY EXCEEDED the ability of Xenical® in blocking and removing dietary fat calories. More than 500 persons have taken Q-Slim since the animal studies were completed, and their preliminary results are consistent with VT animal study results. (Results of a double-blind 90 day human study comparing weight loss rates for the Q-Slim fat sponge fiber and a popular weight loss supplement (CortSlim®), with ordinary fiber as a placebo reference, are expected to be reported during December 2005. But, both ZORBA and ZPRO are excited by the early data available from this human study.)

The ZPRO fiber test results from VT also showed that the amount of dietary fat calories removed per unit weight of the ZPRO fiber was about 5 to 10 times greater than the amount of fat usually bound and removed by an ordinary Chitosan fat sponge. The VT data provides a direct measurement of the ZPRO fiber’s (active ingredient in Q-Slim) effectiveness in eliminating dietary fat calories from the digestive system of animals. See a Roanoke Times Article June 2005 (http://www.roanoke.com/business/wb/xp-26372), where the VT study director, vet school toxicologist Marion Ehrich, was quoted as saying, "I would say it was safe and I would say it was effective." (Also, see a separate press release reporting an analysis of these study results, and preliminary human results that are consistent with the animal data results.)

ZPRO executives were asked by reporters, if such VT data would place the Q-Slim supplement fiber in direct competition with ROCHE who sells the prescription FDA approved lipase inhibitor Xenical® or with GLAXO who has licensed the right to sell Xenical® over the counter in the USA, and ZPRO executives simply said, “No way!” According to ZPRO scientists, the lipase inhibitor of Roche works in a different manner by blocking fat digestion without fat absorption (up to 1/3 of fat digestion, but actual effectiveness may be reduced by more than 50% due to side effects from non-absorption of undigested fat) while the ZPRO fiber works by actually absorbing and removing dietary fat evenly distributed in dietary waste without any side effects. In fact, since the ZPRO fiber can be used to absorb dietary fat that Xenical blocks from being digested, they may even be used together for maximum effectiveness of both products.

According to ZPRO scientists, the combination of Xenical® with the ZPRO fiber may improve results for people taking Xenical and increase the proper use of Xenical® in people with an even, greater need to remove fat from their diet (people on a high fat diet). Persons on a higher fat diet (the ordinary and average US diet is “high fat” with about 40% of daily calories coming from fat) may fail to use Xenical® or to use it properly, since a higher fat diet can sometimes cause severe “castor oil” like side effects.

In the opinion of ZPRO scientists, as described to reporters, some data from Roche and independent sources might suggest (see four-year study data reported by Roche) that people taking Xenical® for more than a year (even after the first 6 months) have learned to avoid taking Xenical at meals where it would remove the largest amount of fat calories, but also have the greatest likelihood of an undesired side effect. When cheating on a low-fat diet by eating a high fat meal, people on Xenical® may avoid taking or delay taking their dose until long after the meal. This can greatly reduce or eliminate the effectiveness of Xenical® in removing excess fat calories. This may be a reasonable behavior given that even a super-sized burger and fries can result in several tablespoons of “fat blocked” oil from Xenical® that can surprisingly exit the digestive system (in just a few hours) in an unbound, uncontrolled and embarrassing manner. People may soon learn to avoid such an unhappy event…but not necessarily by stopping eating high-fat meals as instructed in the Xenical® literature, or by their doctor.

While people may clearly need to constantly restrict their intake of dietary fat, always avoiding high fat meals is often impractical or nearly impossible due to the convenience factor of high fat, fast food. On the few occasions when people do need (or want) to consume a high-fat meal, they can take the highly effective fat sponge (Q-Slim) without skipping or delaying Xenical® to avoid potential negative side effects from taking Xenical® with a high fat meal. This may lead to continued weight loss results for Xenical® patients beyond the first six months or 1 year, due to increased compliance in taking Xenical even when the person is consuming a high fat meal. Such would be a good thing for both companies, since it could increase the use of Xenical® and lead to increased sales of both the Xenical® and Q-Slim products.

Xenical® is a registered trademark of F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd. Trademark.

Cortislim® is a trademark of Window Rock Enterprises, Inc.

Q-Slim is a trademark of ZPRO Pharmaceutical, Inc.

The above statements are based upon analysis of data or opinions obtained by the author, and they have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Q-Slim is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease. Consult with your doctor before starting any weight loss program. See the http://www.azorba.com website for more information.


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