The Bride Crusade to Russia is Gaining Strength

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Over 400 American men have traveled to Russia in 2005 with Anastasia Web to find a bride.

Anastasia Web, ( one of the leading online dating and romance tours companies specializing in Russian/American introductions, reports that over 400 American men have used its services to go on a Bride Tour to Russia and Ukraine in 2005.

During the Cold War, Russia was associated mainly with three things: communism, vodka and snow. Many American people felt fear and distrust of Russia and its people. A common Russian female portrait in the eyes of Americans was a “babushka” (an old lady with a scarf on her head) with a wrinkled face and sad look, carrying heavy bags.

Now more and more men if asked, “What is the first thing which comes to your mind when speaking about Russia?,” would answer without hesitation, “The beauty of the Russian women.”

American men who have traveled to Russia have often said, a beauty contest could be held in public transportation.

The Russian mail-order bride descriptions can be surprising. The most common profile of a Russian mail order bride: 20 to 25-years-old who has never married with a college degree and advanced knowledge of English; quite the opposite of the babushka.

The desire of a young Russian woman to find a marriage partner abroad is so large that major services have to restrict the number of women featured on their sites. For Instance, Anastasia Web features only one lady out of six. Only 10,000 of the 60,000 applicants from all over Russia get a profile on Anastasia Web.

There is a common misconception that all these girls want to leave Russia because they want to live in luxury and they are looking for the American lifestyle, not American men.

Russia has a great demographic disproportion between men and women. It has more women than men and the difference can be up to 7 percent, according to Russia’s State Statistical Committee. The causes for this are the effects of numerous wars in the past, and in a way, the result of male alcoholism. The chances of a woman staying single after she hits the age of 25 increase dramatically. Many suitable men are already married by that time, and those that are left likely drink or are inappropriate for some other reasons. Russia is a huge country that simply lacks men, according to Anastasia Web.

Most Anastasia Web clients have confessed that that it is a great pleasure to be able to pay signs of affection to a woman without being afraid that it would offend her. A visit to Russia is a trip back to the times when chivalry was in fashion.

Anastasia Web success stories prove that the age difference of 10, 15 or 20 years between international couples is a norm rather than an exception. Most Russian women, tired of the infantilism of their male compatriots, are more likely to be attracted to a mature man, capable of taking care of the family rather than being attracted to a young man who is still learning how to take care of himself.

Many happy couples who have found each other with Anastasia Web have shared their experiences. Take a look


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