United American Committee Announces a National Rally Against Islamofascism Day

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The United American Committee is currently organizing a National Rally Against Islamofascism Day to be held at venues all over the United States next Feb. 1st, 2006.

The event, described on the UAC’s website at http://www.unitedamericancommittee.org has already scheduled 13 locations nationwide where rallies will be held. Many more locations across the USA are expected to be added as the scheduled date approaches.

The main rally will be held at Ground Zero at the former location of the World Trade Center in New York. Other states scheduled to participate with rallies include Washington, D.C., Virginia, Texas, Missouri and Arkansas with more signing up each day.

“We figured Ground Zero was the main rallying point, but this is an event for all who support America regardless of their faith, be it Christian, Jewish, Muslim or any other. All are welcome to participate,” said UAC leader Jesse Petrilla.

The rally is to solidify and support nderstanding in the United States of the hard work done by American law enforcement agents in the Border Patrol, the Coast Guard, FBI, local police and all other government agencies who work to protect all Americans from potential terrorist attacks being planned by the Islamofascist movement and to encourage people to make their jobs easier.

One goal of the rally is to get all Americans to take the initiative to report all suspicious activities to the police and FBI that might out groups from within the United States who are working to aid terrorists overseas or who might be trying to engage in terrorism here in America. This includes working to prevent illegal immigration and preventing funding for overseas groups that may ultimately go to helping terrorist movements.

Another goal is unconditional support of all American troops overseas and at home regardless of one’s opinion about the War in Iraq. The Rally will also express total appreciation for the job done by our men and women in uniform and to find ways to show that appreciation.

“Muslim groups are especially welcome to join us and show their support for America,” Petrilla emphasized. “The purpose of this rally is to unify all Americans behind a common goal and against an enemy that is seeking to destroy values we all hold dearly. He continued, “This is not a rally to promote hate, but a rally to promote peace and tolerance and make clear what America stands for. Republicans, Democrats, Pacifists, all ethnicities are urged to march on the day of the event and show their true support for the United States of America.”

The UAC’s position is that America is still under threats by Islamofascists and needs to show a unified front against such an enemy. While some other groups are marching in American cities accusing the Untied States of being an oppressor or supporting movements that fight and kill American soldiers, the United American Committee feels that its time the majority of Americans who feel strongly about showing a strong face against Islamofascism has come.

The rally will alert Americans to the threats we all face that we need to recognize and that accusations of bias by certain groups in the US that secretly work to aid terrorist groups from overseas are unfounded. The main rally held at hallowed ground at the World Trade Center will remind Americans to pull together and be vigilant and work as a team to overcome and defeat those who would destroy America and what it stands for -- freedom.

Those interested in staging a local rally in their area or for information about rallying points already scheduled can find information by contacting the appropriate organizers on the UAC website.

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