New Integration of Technology Increasing ROI From Email Campaigns

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Highly efficient & flexible code, database connectivity and delivery monitoring algorithms, produced by entrepreneurs in Central New York, lead to ever-increasing ROI from email campaigns.

Integrating More Technology Into The Email Communications Process To Increase ROI.

ActivSoftware, Inc. (, a Central New York-based software production and marketing firm, recently announced its email delivery algorithm and its new data mining capabilities. In an overwhelming response with questions pertaining to the benefits gained from integrating database technologies ActivSoftware recently released its newest article which highlights the benefits of integrating newer technologies into email communications technologies.

ActivSoftware calls the article, “Integrating More Technology Into The Email Communications Process To Increase ROI.”

According to Rob Thrasher, PR Director at ActivSoftware, “It seems obvious to us here at ActivSoftware, but sometimes when a technology that has been used for over a decade is then applied to a different practice, it needs to be explained all over again. Monitoring algorithms and databases have proved valuable technology tools to determine what people, or computers, are doing, when and why. These are simple concepts, we just happen to be the first company to apply all these technologies to the email communications process, thus, they seem like new ideas.”

Trasher continued, “The coding is as much of the technology as the fact that you can integrate database functionality and email delivery monitor algorithms. Email servers coded flexibly enough will provide the ability to interrupt the email send process. Following is a quote from the article which delineates one of these highly flexible features...”

“Major ISP’s such as Yahoo and AOL sometimes place e-mails into a spam folder rather than the Inbox. Eventually, no matter how careful you are, you will be flagged as a spammer. It could be a results of the fact that you are sharing IP addresses with other marketers using the same service to send emails. Your email server might be initiating too many simultaneous connections to the ISP (YAHOO), or it might be attempting to resend bounced emails too many times too fast. There are many ways you might get flagged as a spammer. Mostly due to the fact that your email server was built to send one email at a time. Not two, or three or especially not a million. Uniformly seeding your list is one key methodology used to avoid this paradigm. The problem is that most systems that allow seeding only allow it at the beginning and end of the list. Thus is it not real-time.“

In 1995, when programmer first began to code database driven databases it was an uphill battle to attempt to convince business managers as to the benefits of a database driven site. Especially a site driven from the corporate database which avoided much re-work by avoiding the need for additional personnel whose responsibility was to add data to the Web site which was already in the process of being added to the internal database. The same old technology had to be virtually redefined in the minds of business managers. An already proven technology had to be explained again when placed into a new scenario.

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