“7 Seconds Till Eternity” is a Captivating New Novel Reflecting the Transition from Life to Death

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What awaits us in the afterworld? Are we destined to eternal bliss or condemned to an everlasting hell? Do we return in another form of life or is our life merely a flicker in time, forgotten and extinguished when we die? The new novel from Frederick A. Babb, “7 Seconds Till Eternity” explores what might be while opening the eyes of the reader to reflect on life while we live it. Coming soon from Saga Books, “7 Seconds Till Eternity” promises to have an impact on readers everywhere.

Death is a subject everyone knows about, but no one wants to think of. No matter how we spend our lives, it is the final destiny no one has yet escaped from. Many have asked at some point in their life, “Is there life after death?” However, the new book by Frederick A. Babb, “7 Seconds Till Eternity” will have you asking “Is there life before death?” Quite an ironic twist on one’s perceptive of death.

“7 Seconds Till Eternity” is scheduled for release in January 2006 from Saga Books. It is a unique new novel covering the grim reality of death from the fictitious eyes of Zach, the Soul-Collector more commonly known as the Grim Reaper to the mortals of the world. In this novel, we join Zach as he collects six different souls from all walks of life. During the journey we discover how humans are never really prepared for that last breath. “Death isn’t so much the fear of a new, unknown beginning as it is of the sadness we feel having to leave behind everything we have earned and become as humans,” comments the author. “Once we die, we are all on equal ground once more. Our riches and our successes mean nothing. In the end, we are separated from the mortal world and commence a journey into theories of what might be. Is there life after death? Do we go on? Or is our life merely extinguished like a candle flame when we die? So many theories, but nothing is more concrete than the faith we place in them.”

This new novel is a step away from the usual romance genre the author as become known for. He explained that the inspiration came from wanting to create a novel that would have an impact on everyone’s life without preaching any particular religious belief or any other after death theory. In the end, the goal was to make the reader realize how our everyday actions reflect what may be our fate.

The novel is broken down in the lives of six different individuals and how their world revolves up to the day of their dismissal. Each person has a different outlook on life and death. Some are caught unprepared while some curse death for taking so long to find them. Each have their reasons for living or dying with an intriguing tale weaved between the 7 seconds that exist between life and death.

You can read more on this upcoming novel and the author at http://www.frederickbabb.com.


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