Source of the Gravity of the Earth has been Discovered

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Nuclear scientist Mehran Keshe says a double magnetic field provokes gravitational effects in stars and planets, like Earth. Earths center contains a small sphere filled with hydrogen, acting like a semi-fusion plasma reactor. Inside currents create a basic magnetic field which is super-imposed by the already known magnetic field of the iron core. Such double field can be replicated in man-made plasma reactors, to be used as energy and anti-gravity system in space and air crafts, but also in cars, household products and electronics which will have independent long-lasting energy generated by micro plasma reactors.

Mr. Mehran Keshe (47), a nuclear engineer specialized in nuclear reactor technology, disclosed a new principle of double magnetic fields which cause gravitational effects in the Universe. This solves in a simple way puzzles like the source of gravity, the irregular magnetic field around Earth, the black spots of the Sun, the circular motion of planets around the Sun, etc. The physicist explains that the gravitational force of Earth is created by two separate magnetic fields, separated by the inner core of the Earth, one originating through the convection from the heat generated in a small encapsulated sphere at the very center of Earth. This small cavity is filled with hydrogen and acts in conjunction with other elements and surrounding layers of matter as a natural semi-plasma reactor. This basic magnetic field is super-imposed by the second – known – magnetic field created by convection in the outer core.

This process of creation of gravity, as an interaction effect of a double magnetic field, is different from what we all know as two solid magnets. On planetary level magnetic fields are provoked on the loosely molecular stage. We can call that passive magnetic field forces.

The magnetic force and the gravitational force are like two sides of the same coin. They are both made through by the same principle and by the interaction the same materials, but are manifested as two different effects. Planetary passive magnetic forces (PMF) and the gravitational forces (GF) are created as two equal and opposite field forces. They act as and, appear in two different ways or directions with the appearance of two different characteristics. When the magnetic field forces pull to each other, due to the dissimilar polarities, we call this the force of gravity of the planet, and when the same magnetic field forces push away, due to the similarity of polarity of the fields, we call this as the magnetosphere of the Earth, which presents itself in interaction with the magnetic field of the Sun.

At the time of creation of these forces, physical conditions in universe, allow one or the other to take over initially, then, by interacting with its surrounding matters, the second force manifests itself out of the same original material. The principle of double magnetic fields rules also the atomic structure, and atomic and sub-atomic interactions.

These forces could be created in plasmas from different atoms, or from gas, liquid or solids. When double magnetic fields are created in man-made plasma reactors new type of interacting processes on atomic and molecular level become possible, which are impossible without such double field. In example the separation of electrons from nuclei (ionization) can be reached at relative low temperatures, i.e. a few hundreds of degrees Celsius, which can be handled in an easy way. This simple approach differs completely from the idea to create plasma with millions of degrees Celsius like in experimental Tokamak reactors. Since there is no ‘container’ or ‘temperature’ problem, electrical output and other desired processes can be attainted easily, with a cost of a few thousand dollars, and power generation for an almost indefinite period of time. Such new type of plasma reactors can be constructed in all kind of sizes and in several architectural concepts depending of their task.

Similar to the many type of plasma interactions and processes happening in nature, the physicist has designed a range of different reactor concepts, each resulting in other applications, such as for; production of energy (in the form of heat, electric current, light, cooling, etc.); the creation of gravitational field(s) systems for vertical and horizontal motion, replacing frictional systems like wheels and jet engines or jet propulsion; decontamination processes (i.e. CO2 filtering for cars and industry); compression systems; matter convert systems (matter decomposing-recombination reactors to create new desired matter, such as amino acids, nano-wires); etc. They can i.e. be used with or built-in into various products and devices, such as longevity plasma batteries for electronics and consumer goods; built-in in household products such as hair-dryers; be embedded in machinery and robots; built-in in various vehicles and transport systems (airplanes, trains, vessels, space vehicles and satellites). The plasma reactors will provide solutions for essential problems the human society encounters for the moment, like: The supply of drinking water for people, animals and plants in many countries; the actual lack of electricity for about 1.6 billion people; the insufficient quantity and distribution of food; the global warming and the mid term shortage of oil.

Mr. Keshe studied at the Queen Mary College, University of London. Recently he applied for three European patents related to several plasma reactor concepts and methods. Three prototypes are under development, and results are expected in the first months of 2006. The physicist will license his technology.

More information regarding the findings, invention and technical papers of M.T. Keshe can be found at his website


Mr. Olivier Ghys, Personal advisor of Mr. Keshe


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