UCIC creates the World's 1st Mobile Advertising Broadcast Network

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UCIC under its product MobileAdCasting, has created the worlds 1st Mobile Advertising Broadcast Network, allowing over a 1.04 Billion Bluetooth enabled mobile phone users to receive free video, text, animation, picture and direct web-link access on their mobile phones.

UCIC has created via Bluetooth AdSpots 'TM' a unique Mobile Advertising delivery platform for the enabling of mobile content to mobile phone users from trusted sources (such as Sony, GAP, MacDonalds, etc) which will allow the mobile phone users to see their trusted brands mobile content and services, like free video, music, ticker-tape text, animation, pictures, SMS and direct web-link access. All this, and it is free of mobile network chargers. Please see http://www.mobileadcasting.com for more information.

All content is automatically removed after a 10 - 15 second period, and the content is never spammed. The reason is that mobile phone user is asked to download an ad-app once and once only, or the content is requested to be "opted-in" thereby ensuring that the mobile phone is kept user-personal, secure, and only trusted-well-known-brands ever broadcast to the mobile user.

Out network is available initially in London rolling out to the US and Europe shortly.

We have also made out network the most effective and technologically advanced, yet very cost effective.

Our reporting function's data mining intelligence is highly prized and the nest generation demographic information resource

UCIC also provides (through or technology partner Xcelis Communications) free mobile phone calls with or without the need for SIM-CARD, from any mobile phone or landline to any VoIP provider (i.e. Skype, BTOpenworld) free. Something that the likes of BT Fusion cannot do, not any other, this make advertising through Out-of-home advertisers for Google, AOLTalk, etc an asset that can increase subscriber numbers and usage of the product in the Out-of-Home world. Please see http://www.mobileadcasting.com and http://www.xcelis.com for more information.

Our Mobile Advertising Broadcast Network's unique and trusted free mobile content can be received from any location.

The mobile phone user is now free to play, and display content, save it, make it send it and display it.

The face of Mobile Advertising is changing, a new revolution in mobile content is here.

Why are we doing this?

There are more than 2.4 billion people have mobile phones.

By year-end 2002, there were 580.2 million mobile messaging users globally. These users sent 430.8 billion messages during the year. The number of messages have grown faster than the number of users.

MMS is on a fast growth track, thanks to a flurry of contracts signed by Ericsson and Nokia. Globally, MMS messages will grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 154.8 percent over the next six years.

By combining our software, and our MobileAdCasting scheduling and delivery system allow the broadcast of text, animation, pictures, video and internet activity not just anytime and anywhere, but more specifically at the right time and in the right location.

An as our Mobile Advertising Broadcast Network meets all the criteria set by the Mobile Marketing Association and related mobile carriers, we ensure that we are secure, non-obtrusive and anti-spamming.

Advertising on mobile phones is an unprecedented opportunity to build interactive relationships with customers and to supply personalised and time and location sensitive communications to an interested audience. With permission based marketing this audience receives relevant information, designed for them.

As there is an overwhelming need for independence of content providers, brands and advertising firms away from the mobile operators to obtain a greater market, because the market they are subscribing to currently is restricted by both their own content and the subscribers to the mobile service provider.

Finally what can MobileadCasting do you for:

1. Expand revenues from existing infrastructure without funding new sites or locations.

2. Access to new advertising channel.

3. Expand not only the reach of the clients message, but also their spend with you (telephony/CRM) across multiple advertising environment's.

4. Increase campaign lengths and cross-over media campaigns with clients.

5. Enable Ad Space buyers to have a completely new market

6. Maintain and update client campaign real-time. Anytime, anyplace anywhere.

7. A personalized, accurate and quantifiable product, which is location sensitive.

8. Creation of the a mobile advertising network which can run in conjunction with your core business or completely separately.

Please see http://www.mobileadcasting.com and http://www.xcelis.com for more information.


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