The Interstate Traveler Company of Michigan Announces Low Cost 'Pay Per Minute' Plan for Public Transit

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Do you want affordable public transportation? How about a ticket to ride a magnetic levitation rail system across the countryside at a cheap five-cents-a-minute?

The Interstate Traveler Company, the builders of the Hydrogen Super Highway, announce their plans to adopt a Pay-Per-Minute Plan (for 10 minute intervals, reduced by the percentage below full speed travel at 250 mph, to account for delays) for future travelers that will ride on their proposed self-sustaining inter-state maglev public transportation network.

"We can't think of a more efficient method for the public transit fair-box," said Founder and Chairman Justin Sutton. "After looking at cost-per-pound, cost-per-mile, or even a flat-fee day pass, it turns out that a simple fee-per-minute basis provides the best results. We believe that each 10 minutes, at full speed roughly 45-50 miles, we should be able to charge about $0.50, or a nickel a minute. Compared to a 23 mile per gallon automobile, that represents a saving of over $3.50 per 50 miles at today’s $2.00 a gallon of gasoline cost. On a trip of 1000 miles, that would probably cost as little as $20.00 on the Traveler and take about three and a half hours. By car on gasoline, it would take over eighteen hours at 50 MPH, and would cost over $80.00. Imagine the savings, as well as the reduction in wear and tear, since you take your car with you when you ride the Interstate Traveler: only it doesn’t wear out along the way! Heck, at a nickel a minute, we have John D. Rockefeller and the Telephone Company beat back in 1907, when a call was a Dime a minute. Look at pay phone calls and oil today!"

Mr. Ray Fullerton, who spent decades as a Mechanical Engineer, has come out of retirement to act as the Director of University Relations for the Interstate Traveler Company. “The key to success is simplicity of design,” he said. “This pay-per-minute plan is a perfect fit for this unique transportation technology and for the way people live their lives today. At our universities there is a tremendous need to economically serve the many thousands of students, faculty and alumni that live and work around university life,” he continued. “This system is perfect for all students working hard to finish their degrees and it makes it easier for more of our children to get to the school of their choice.”

Dr. Timm Finfrock, Chief Engineer for the Interstate Traveler Company, pointed out, "After looking at it from all practical angles, it boils down to a simple relationship where our energy costs are directly proportional to the amount of time you actually ride the Traveler." Dr. Finfrock has over twenty years of experience in automotive robotics and has his Ph.D. in the integration of dissimilar robotic systems to make modern manufacturing processes more efficient and fast. “The Traveler is as simple as a robot like the iRobot ‘Roomba’ Vacuum ™ Cleaner. It is much less complicated than you might think, since it operates analogous to the Internet: a proper design insuring maximum safety and speed. It offers an over-abundance of safety, in fact, and has redundancy after redundancy to insure passenger and bystander safety!” He continued, “As each transport moves along the rail, our electrical system reports the exact amount of time a traveler remains aboard a transport on the network. From this we price the Ride.”

Dr. Jack Shulman, the Chairman of the American Computer Science Association (ACSA), noted, “The basic architecture of the Hydrogen Super Highway lends itself perfectly to adopt a fee system that is based on usage.” The ACSA is an industry wide charitable research association of computer science professionals based in Crawford, New Jersey. ACSA boasts a representational membership measured in the millions, with decades of round-table discussions and consultation to government and consumer industries, as well as public advocacy of projects it believes worthy. “This public transit system will be easier to use than a Subway or a Commuter Plane and easier on the pocket book”, he continued. “The pay-per-minute plan will pamper the passengers, cater to the commuter, and at five-cents-per-minute... it's a better deal than the Oil or Telephone Company ever conceived of before… as a matter of fact: it’s The Deal of the Millennium!"

What America needs is a way to do what we do best, a way to do it better every time, and the ability to do it all without polluting the atmosphere or raising taxes. It looks like The Interstate Traveler Company has found a great way to do just that, one-minute-at-a-time.

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