Museum Targets Psychiatry as an “Industry Of Death”

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Denouncing the fact that internationally more than 100,000 patients die each year in psychiatric institutions, the Citizens Commission on Human Rights International (CCHR) held the grand opening this weekend of a new museum in Hollywood called Psychiatry: an Industry of Death.

With public distrust of psychiatry ever-increasing-and government agency drug warnings at an all time high-Scientology's psychiatric watchdog shows it's much worse than you think.

Community and government leaders from across the globe were joined by ardent celebrity supporters Lisa Marie Presley, Priscilla Presley, Danny Masterson, Giovanni Ribisi, Leah Remini, Jenna Elfman, Catherine Bell and Marisol Nichols at the grand opening of a new state of the art museum Psychiatry an Industry of Death.

Created by the Citizens Commission on Human Rights, the museum featured 14 documentaries with statements from a number of health professionals and other experts, as well as from victims of psychiatric brutalities ranging from electroshock and involuntary commitment to political torture, psychosurgery and the devastating effects of psychotropic drugs.

Stating that "no adult should be victimized by drugs or treatments that are not cures, and no government should support harm in guise of help," a member of Western Australian parliament, Martin Whitely, sounded the call for "all those with common sense and a passion for human rights" to stand behind CCHR to "make the truth about psychiatric abuses widely known and bring about the reforms that are so badly needed."

Joining the Australian lawmaker and more than 2,300 in attendance were Georgia Senator Nancy Schaefer, Jeffrey Schaler, psychologist and professor American University and Liberty Committee Executive Director Kent Snyder. Psychiatry: An Industry of Death addresses the reasons why there are a growing number of people speaking out against psychiatry and its recently debunked theory of the "chemical imbalance."

Jan Eastgate, president of CCHR International stated, "There have been 18 psychiatric drug warnings issued in the last year alone, which link suicide, hostility, worsening depression, mania, hallucinations and death to psychiatric drugs that reap $80 billion dollars a year-an abuse CCHR has persistently exposed for three decades."

A sampling of current statistics shown in the new museum include:

-- Psychiatrists using electroshock, drugs and other barbaric means to torture political dissidents.

-- 17 million children worldwide are taking psychiatric drugs which can cause suicide, hostility, violence, mania and drug dependence.

-- Internationally, 100,000 people die in mental institutions each year at the hands of psychiatrists; whose mistreatment, drugging and neglect of patients are rampant.

-- Annually, psychiatrists kill up to 10,000 people with their use of electroshock-460 volts of electricity sent searing through the brain. Three-quarters of electroshock victims are women.

-- If electroshock doesn't kill women, they could be one of the 250,000 that psychiatrists and psychologists have raped. Studies show that between 10 and 25 percent of psychiatrists sexually assault their patients; 1 in 20 victims is most likely to be a minor.

The museum's opening marks an expansion of CCHR as the premiere international psychiatric watchdog.

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