Dragonstone Magnetics Owner Tells Retailers What to Look For in Wholesale Magnetic Jewelry

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What to look for in Wholesale Magnetic Jewelry.

Consumers are increasingly showing a preference for natural products with no bad side effects.

“Scientific studies have proven the beneficial effects of magnetic therapy, and with more and more people looking towards natural health aids, this market is booming,” says George Tarr of Dragonstone Magnetics.

Here are some important points to consider when adding a new line of magnetic jewelry to your store:

Packaging. - Good packaging sells product. Have packaging that looks good and that shows clearly what product is inside. This is especially important with jewelry products. Customers should be able to see at a glance which design they like best. Clear packaging that allows product to just be stacked on a shelf for display is very effective.

Labeling. - The more information on the label the better! If a customer comes up to one of your staff and asks how strong the magnets are in a magnetic product, it’s best if all that staff member has to do is read the label on the product. Your staff probably won’t remember details like that for a large numbers of products.

Size. It should be clearly marked. Your customers wrists come in different sizes! Make it easy for them to know what will fit them by having the size on the label.

What is it? Somehow you need to let your customers know that this is the magnetic product they are looking for. A discreet label saying ‘Magnetic’ on each item is one good way to do this.

How much shelf space will it take up? - Even in the largest stores, space is at a premium. If you are really challenged for space consider just doing just the best selling magnetic product, Magnetic bracelets, to start with. A foot of shelf space will display a good selection of styles and sizes.

Who are the customers for magnetic products?

The majority will probably be in the 40+ age group.

Many golfers are great fans of wearing magnetic jewelry. Many feel that it improves their game.

People with arthritis and rheumatism. These people may well prefer a copper magnetic bracelet as copper has also been shown to help with these conditions.

Retail Price.

Try to hit a ‘good’ price point. $10 and $15 are good price points. Much better than $10.50 or $15.50. If a magnetic bracelet costs a customer $10 they may well buy more than one to ‘go’ with different activities. At that price they don’t have to think about whether to buy or not. So try to buy your wholesale magnetic jewelry so that you can sell at keystone or better for one of those prices.

It's nice if you can price all the bracelets at the same price. That way all your customer has to think about is which one they like best.

How much investment of money to start with?

Clearly when you are thinking of adding a new line, you can’t be 100% certain that it will work for you. Try about 7 different bracelet styles that you yourself like to start with. This should cost about $100. A no brainer! Then go on from there. Make sure that you can return product if it doesn’t work for you.


Make sure that the magnets are strong enough. Most magnetic products measure the magnetic strength in gauss. For magnetic therapy 500 gauss is usually considered the least you can use. 1000 gauss or 2500 gauss products are most probably more effective, although scientific studies have come up with conflicting data on this so far.

Make sure that the items are well made and won’t ‘come to pieces’ on your customers.

In North America most people believe that the north attracting side of a magnet should be facing the skin so if North America is your market then it would likely be best to ‘go with the flow’ and sell magnetic bracelets set up that way.

In Japan, where magnets are far more accepted by mainstream medicine, they appear to believe that both the positive and the negative poles are good.

How do magnets work?

Well, we don’t know! Lots of theories out there. Thousands of people who swear by them.

Here’s one theory of one of things that magnets may do to help you:

Free Radicals are the "bad guys.

Antioxidants are the "good guys"

When an antioxidant bumps into a free radical it neutralizes it if they are properly aligned

One in sixty four collisions between a free radical and an antioxidant results in a proper alignment under regular conditions.

They collide, are not properly aligned and bounce apart again.

It appears that when receiving magnetic energy (especially from a pulsed ElectroMagnetic field device where alignment takes place on every collision) this process is far more effective.

So magnetism helps your body to heal itself using the natural mechanisms that your body has to do so.

“Increasingly, doctors and therapists are recommending magnetic therapy for a natural, effective method of curing various ailments,” says Tarr. “Lots of retailers are now cashing in on this boom.”

About Dragonstone Magnetics

Dragonstone Magnetics sells therapeutic magnetic jewelry and health aids in both US and Canadian wholesale and retail markets. Based in Victoria, British Columbia, with an American office in Aldan, PA, Dragonstone Magnetics has a large selection of wholesale magnetic jewelry. For more information, please visit http://www.dragonstonemagnetics.com.

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