Logopogo Cola Will Challenge Coke and Pepsi

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Fox announces a new brand of Cola with half the calories, all the taste and a world class shopping website at Logopogo.com.

New York Times bestselling author, art dealer and publisher Les Fox has announced that his company will soon launch a new Cola to compete with Coke and Pepsi. The new product will be released in 2006 or 2007. Initially, it will be distributed through specialty food stores and discount chains, possibly Costco, Sam's Club and BJ's. Supermarkets and quick service markets will follow.

"Eventually, I'd like to get Logopogo Cola into a national fast food restaurant, like Wendy's or Burger King," said Fox. We're even thinking of starting a new restaurant chain just to promote the product. I'm looking for a flagship location, maybe in New York or L.A."

Asked why he thinks his new Cola product has a chance against icons like Coke and Pepsi, Fox explained. "Hundreds of Coke and Pepsi wannabees have come and gone since the 1920's, including obscure names like Take-A-Cola. The problem hasn't been the taste. The problem is marketing. People get used to a brand name and they stick with it. In blind taste tests, people can't tell the difference between Logopogo Cola and the brand names. Plus, Logopogo has only half the calories. We use real sugar, as well as a natural sugar substitute. The taste, and the sweetness, is amazing. The trick is to get millions of people to try it. That's the real test."

"Actually, I had the idea to create a cola with 50% of the calories, and all the taste, years before Coke and Pepsi. I just couldn't roll out my product fast enough. Back in the 1990's I used to personally drink a mix of Coke and Diet Coke. I discovered that the taste was virtually the same as real Coke. There's too much sugar in regular Coke and Pepsi anyway. You don't need that much sugar to get a strong, sweet flavor. My friends encouraged me to produce a new Cola, but I couldn't do it until now. The original name I came up with was Half & Half Cola, but that sounded like a dairy product. Logopogo Cola is the perfect name. Catchy, fun, easy to remember."

Fox points out that in the 1930's, Pepsi almost went of of business trying to compete with Coke. "They attempted to corner the sugar market, but the price of sugar collapsed. At one point in time, Pepsi actually offered to sell itself to Coke, but Coke figured they didn't need a bankrupt company, and failed to permanently eliminate their number one competitor. This was the worst mistake in Coke's history, except when they tried to introduce a new Coke taste in the 80's. That gave Pepsi the opportunity to make a huge comeback, finally surpassing Coke's sales. Luckily, Coke re-introduced its old flavor, naming it Classic Coke.

"But since then, the Coke and Pepsi wars, as they are called, have been largely about TV and media ads, and catchy slogans, and placing more vending machines in more locations. Except for their half-and-half products, like C2, which have not been a great success."

The problem with these new products, Fox believes, is that Coke and Pepsi did not create clever names or perfect tastes. "Logopogo Cola is infinitely superior to the concoctions of Coke and Pepsi. As I said, our taste tests were convincing. The big test is whether we can lure people into trying a delicious new Cola in a uniquely designed bottle. I believe we can."

In addition to advertising Logopogo Cola as a soft drink product, Fox plans to promote it on his world class shopping website at http://www.Logopogo.com. "The site is growing quickly," Fox reports. "We will have millions of steady customers within two years or sooner."

Les Fox likes longshots. In 1998, he released The Beanie Baby Handbook against major competition, and succeeded in making it the # 2 New York Times bestseller, selling over 4,000,000 books including a special edition for schools, published by Scholastic. The Foxes have also been successful real estate develeopers in New Jersey and Florida. However, since 1969 their main business has been as dealers in fine art and rare coins. Les and Sue Fox own the West Highland Fine Art gallery in Wyckoff, New Jersey, where they have lived for 26 years. "Impressionist paintings, 19th Century gold coins, Beanie Babies or Logopogo Cola. It's all the same to me. It's about having fun and doing your own thing."

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