DealPass Offers Advice on the Art of Giving (And Receiving)

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DealPass special offers still available for holiday shoppers under the gun (Or mistletoe). knows all too well the emphasis that Americans place on gift-giving during the holidays. There’s no doubt that giving just the right gift is an art form. Graciously receiving gifts is a talent, as well.

Matching a gift with its rightful person requires thought and persistence. DealPass reminds shoppers to request a “gift receipt” when making store purchases, because even after careful planning and with the best intentions, there’s no guarantee that a gift will resonate with its recipient.

DealPass also reminds shoppers to keep their best game face on when opening a gift just in case it’s not in keeping with their personal tastes.

And for those shoppers who are angsting other gift-related dilemmas, DealPass offers these helpful tips:

-- What if I don’t like a gift I receive?

Take your cues from the giver. If the giver expresses concern that it may not be quite right and encourages you to exchange it, then you are free to do so. Just try to replace it with an item that’s similar to the original gift. However, if you’re worried that the giver may be offended or hurt, err to the side of caution and graciously accept the gift. No matter what, it’s the thought behind the gesture that matters most.

-- What if a neighbor/friend/coworker gives me a gift and I don’t have one for him or her?

We all dread those awkward moments and it’s wisest to plan for them. Keep on hand a few pre-wrapped gifts that are gender neutral -- candies, a holiday CD or DVD and the like -- that you can use for those givers you forgot about or didn’t anticipate. And remember, you are never required to reciprocate. Sometimes a heartfelt thank you note is the classy way to handle those situations.

-- Is it okay to “re-gift?”

Holiday gifts should be personal purchases that you make especially for your recipient. To truly pass along the good cheer, why not take gifts from years gone by that are still in their boxes and donate them to a charitable organization? You’ll have the satisfaction that your gift has done someone else some good.

-- Is it okay to give co-workers a gift?

If you wish to give a small gift to co-workers who were especially supportive or you are friendly with, it should be done quietly away from other co-workers. Keep the gift personal, but not intimate. After all, DealPass reminds, this is a work relationship.

-- Are hostess gifts still appropriate to give?

Hostess gifts will never go out of style. Whether your host or hostess is a family member, close friend, work associate or other acquaintance, it’s always appropriate to bring a small thank-you gift. Popular choices include a bottle of wine, gift basket, fine dessert, lovely candle set or other home accent. If you know the person well, you can choose a gift that relates to a personal hobby or other interest. At DealPass, you’re sure to find the perfect gift that’s perfectly priced through special offers.

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