Johnny Light™ -- Commode Night Light Promotes Gender Respect, Family Harmony, Hygiene, Safety; Sales Benefit American Heart Assn.

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Johnny Light, Inc. will donate 10% of revenues from Internet sales in January and February to the American Heart Association®.

Dallas-Fort Worth, TX The Johnny Light™, originally intended as a gentle reminder to boys and men to "put the seat down" and to prevent bathroom "splashdowns" that enrage, embarrass and endanger the opposite sex, may prove to be one of the most acceptable and “rewarding” gifts for sweethearts this Valentine’s Day.

“We are going to donate 10% of our revenues from Internet sales in January and February to the American Heart Association® (AHA),” said Bill Bradford, CEO of Johnny Light, Inc. of Burleson, TX, and co-inventor of the patented device. “Additionally, we will promote in our news releases and at our corporate website the AHA’s ‘Go Red for Women’ movement reminding women that heart disease is the No. 1 killer of American women. (

“My (fraternal) grandmother and a beloved aunt both died of a heart attack. It is important that we educate women on heart healthy activities and the warnings signs of this deadly disease,” Bradford emphasized. “If we raise a significant amount of funds for this AHA campaign, I will consider extending our third party fundraising effort to additional months.”

The Johnny Light, a soft green night-light activated by the raising of the commode/toilet seat, gained popularity this past year as a graduation present, Mother's/Father's Day gift, for wedding favors, bachelor/bachelorette parties, as a Christmas stocking stuffer and for housewarmings and even new apartment or dorm-room move-ins.

Nearly 150,000 have already been sold with – surprisingly -- about 60% of purchases made by men intent on ending the “battle of the sexes in the bathroom,” reports the company. The practical gadget dismisses the need for disturbing overhead lights, reduces constant commode clean-ups and warns women against those dreaded late-night or lights-out "splashdowns” that humiliate unsuspecting victims. (Photo URL: The soft light of the Johnny-Light provides "welcome relief" on multiple fronts

The innovative tool, activated by an eco-friendly gravity switch, is priced $10 to $13 with batteries. It is available nationwide in more than 1,000 Lowe's Home Improvement stores, as well as at some upscale lighting stores. It can be ordered by phone, 888-566-LITE (5483) or at for $12.45, including $1.50 shipping for one or more (U.S. only). Delivery requires two to three days.

The U.S. Census has reported that more Americans were injured in 1998 by their toilet (48,964) than while using a hammer (45,426), Bradford noted. “And that’s not just senior Americans. For men, our green light means ‘go’; for women, it means ‘Watch out below!’”

The “seat-up/seat down” debate has raged in households – new and established -- as long as toilets have existed. Potty politics has been a subject for poets, fodder for advice columnists and even lyrics for songwriters. Nationally syndicated singer/comedienne Kacey Jones of Nashville, TN ( recorded “Put the Seat Back Down” (used with permission):

But if you wanna know what makes my heart pound,

I really like a man who puts the seat back down.

Now all you guys, hey, what’s the fuss?

It’s a little thing to you, but it’s everything to us.

“The Johnny-Light holds the promise of family harmony, marital goodwill, improved hygiene and personal safety,” Bradford said. “It produces a soft green glow in the toilet bowl that's easy on sleepy eyes and prevents unexpected ‘splashdowns’. Older women have broken their hips that way.”

A humorous 60-second video of the product can be seen at:

It has gotten attention from dozens of U.S. and Canadian radio deejays who conducted contests for the best “splashdown revenge” stories. The gizmo has received as favorable attention on the "Leeza," "Howie Mandell" and "Regis..." shows.”NBC Today" demonstrated the firm's product as a potential wedding gift during its Rockefeller Center nuptials series. It has even shown up in Mademoiselle Magazine, on a Japanese blog and in a Scandinavian magazine, and is now regularly featured at bridal, parenting, do-it-yourself and romance web sites.

“I suspect gift consultants, who provide ideas to show love and appreciation, would not immediately recommend the Johnny Light,” he added with a smile. “You can’t monogram it or engrave it, but I guarantee it would be the most unforgettable gift on Valentine's Day. It has really become an anytime gift. The soft green glow will warm every female's heart who has suffered a wet indignity.”

The easily installed (no tools) device can “light the way to harmony” for six months or more on a set of batteries, according to company tests.

“It eliminates the need to turn on a room light and disturb a spouse or significant other. And, according to letters we've received, it encourages young boys, traditionally slow to take up potty training, to adopt good habits more quickly.”

The device, which fits 94% of the toilet seats in U.S. households, tucks in a sanitary position, “out of harm’s way” from splashing and contamination. For commodes with a molded-in hinge connection, Velcro® solves the installation.

“I think any boyfriend, spouse or individual who installs or give one wins instant favor from his or her loved one -- mother, wife, girlfriend, parent,” said Bradford, who is a civil engineer. “It says, ‘I respect you.’ It is certainly less expensive than a marriage counselor!”

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