Thoughts Are Things - ThoughtOffice Brainstorming Software Improves Creativity With 9,523,680 Words, Phrases, and Images

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If you need to be creative now, and can't wait for the perfect inspiration, ThoughtOffice may provide the solution: a web-connected engine that feeds 9,523,680 words, phrases and images into a Visual Outliner to help generate ideas fast, and organize them with a click.

Napoleon Hill claimed in his classic "Think and Grow Rich" that Thoughts Are Things (a direct quote from his interview with Prentice Mulford at the turn of the 19th century). In these days of information overload, more creative thoughts are the most valuable of things. A new upgrade to ThoughtOffice Creativity Software Suite helps even first-time users bring many more thoughts to the surface than just simple brainstorming, and then helps organize these new thoughts into Linear Processes, providing a usable guide to making thoughts into things.

"We originally conceived of the ThoughtOffice Brainstorming and Creativity Software as a sort of 'idea stimulator'" says Mark Alan Effinger, Chairman of ThoughtOffice and the original designer of the program."But we found that just throwing a bunch of ideas at your workforce didn't turn them into real products or solutions. What really moved the process from Creativity to Productivity was the ThoughtOffice Idea Organizer. Now the people who can implement your great ideas have a clear roadmap as to exactly the steps you took to generating the idea, so they can backtrack and find the incremental solutions to making the idea come alive."

The ThoughtOffice IdeaBrowser Search Engine is a streamlined interface that taps a series of very specialized online databases with linguistics and image-based content. A single word or phrase is all it takes to search and find hundreds of words, images, phrases, synonyms and even word associations. Any of the content that arrives in the portal can be selected and dropped into the ThoughtOffice organizer.

ThoughtOffice Idea Organizer (IdeaBrowser) assembles the creative explorations of the ThoughtOffice Creativity Engine and provides for the addition of rich-text editing (adding colors, bolding, italics, etc...) web linking and images in each entry. Then the final series of Entries can be displayed as a SlideShow, or printed as an outline. A branded Header and Footer help the idea's author receive credit for their creative output.

"Creativity and real, innovative idea generation is the big hurdle we face with all of the time and financial pressures we're under in today's workplace," comments David Lockman, ThoughtOffice Product Specialist. "We hope that through our programs we can help non-creatives and those who are expected to be creative-on-demand dramatically increase their output while also shortening the loop from idea to product. While it may not be the Holy Grail, you can definitely get there from here."

ThoughtOffice Brainstorming and Creativity Software is available for Macintosh OSX and Windows XP & Vista computers. The program can be expanded with Expert Topic Plugin Modules, which ask hundreds to thousands of specific questions across 17 separate business subjects. The company claims these modules uncover and define issues to drive the creative process. The programs are priced from $97 to $499 for the Creativity Suite, and from $25 to $69 per Expert Topic Module.

About ThoughtOffice is the strategic development channel for ThoughtOffice programs. The company was founded in 2004 by a former Inc. 500 company executive and nine-time serial entrepreneur, Mark Alan Effinger. ThoughtOffice leverages Internet and software applications into "Rich Content", the valuable output of ideas and "individual intellect" turned into useful products and services. ThoughtOffice is the result of years of research into the creative process. The company can be reached on the web at, or by calling 360-450-6888.


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