The next book signing for 'The Perseverer,' a romantic suspense novel, is scheduled on March 4, 12:00-2:00, at Dynasty Books, within Eastland Mall, in Charlotte, North Carolina.

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The next book signing of 'The Perseverer,' is scheduled at Dynasty Books, in Eastland Mall, Charlotte, North Carolina, on March 4, from 12:00 - 2:00. 'The Perseverer' is, also, available at Real Eyes Bookstore in Charlotte and on EBay. More book signings are planned. Additionally, 'The Perseverer' is offered by the author at motivational presentations.

The next book signing of 'The Perseverer', a romantic suspense novel, is scheduled March 4, from 12:00 - 2:00, at Dynasty books, within Eastland Mall, in Charlotte, North Carolina. 'The Perseverer' is, also, available at Real Eyes Bookstore in Charlotte, and on EBay. Additional book signings are planned. In addition, the author motivationally speaks at various venues, and offers 'The Perseverer' for sale on each occasion.

'The Perseverer' story revolves around Tom and Laura, who enjoy a two year liaison. Somehow, their communication omits personal feelings and intentions. Both possess a hunger for love and passion, but do not voice it. The paths they use, to achieve individual satisfaction, link them to unsavory characters and uncanny events.

In 'The Perseverer,' Laura relies on her good friend, Tom, to keep her assets in good working order, but means to spark her existence with stimulation and ecstasy. One day, while she shops, an attractive man enters the store. He has flair and moves like a stallion. Laura is mesmerized and rooted in place. Her insides jump, quake, and run. Acquaintance is fated.

Within 'The Perseverer,' Tom is a hard working entrepreneur, who feels Laura spends too much time functioning in someone else's environment. However, he admires her finesse, professionalism, and success. He adores her beauty and flawlessness all the way down to her toenails. He strives to keep her happy. He needs her to become passionate, so she can fulfill his desires. He wants her to love him the way he does her. Determined to fix Laura and seek out her secrets, he maneuvers time alone in her home. When he first examines her documents, he wants and loves her more, but further scrutiny maddens him.

The varying paths Tom and Laura take to satisfy their clandestine desires bring peculiar beings into their lives. Eerie occurrences and dangerous incidents begin to take place. Laura becomes apprehensive and needs to be saved. Tom gets caught up with what is set in motion. This alters their existence, makes unusual alliances, and brings extraordinary results to 'The Perseverer.'

About the author:

Like most beings, the author has had to persevere through many life challenges. When recalling that the fight of her life occurred while working on 'The Perseverer,' she smiles.

Ve discovered a love of writing at 15. Her grandfather, the honorable man who loved her, died. Writing a poem about him helped her persevere through the pain.

Three years ago, she survived a massive stroke. Back then, the pleasures of life included a chosen career and working on 'The Perseverer.' The aneurysm took away essential pieces of life. However, after grieving the loss of abilities, she gave each affected body part devoted attention. The left side became primary, and the left hand was taught to write. Frozen limbs and extremities were willed to move; this meditation included paralyzed fingers. As a result, 'The Perseverer' is a reality.

Ve will not show it, but she burns within when called a stroke victim. She works with her body, is thankful that things are as well as they are, is using every facet of possibility, and is at peace with self and life.

She will often be found giving a motivational lecture, at a book signing, or working on a novel. She hopes to be invited to many places that speakers and books are welcome.

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