Why Wait for Wrinkles? Beauty Expert Says Late Teens/Early Twenties Perfect Time to Launch Pre-emptive Attack on Aging

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Early use of non-surgical anti-aging wraps, sprays, and supplements can help women sidestep cellulite, sagging skin, and other dreaded milestones on the road to growing older.

A nationally known beauty expert says women have a better chance of retaining a youthful appearance throughout their lifetime by launching a pre-emptive anti-aging campaign before the first major visible signs of aging appear.

Victoria Morton, developer of the Suddenly Slender Body Wrap and Suddenly Slender Anti-aging Wrap, says new insights into why physical appearance changes as we get older have led to the development of supplements and non-surgical cosmetic procedures capable of virtually stopping the aging process before it starts. Morton says pre-emptive anti-aging treatments are rapidly becoming popular with her salons' teenage/twenty-something clientele who realize that a proactive approach to beauty will pay big dividends later in life.

"We're noticing that women aren't waiting until the wrinkles show up or their skin starts sagging to purchase anti-aging treatments," says Morton. "Women as young as seventeen are coming to our salons because they've realized the best time to stop the signs of aging is before they hit."

After working more than four decades in the beauty industry and having closely observed the faces and figures of thousands of clients, Morton is very familiar with the changes in physical appearance the typical woman undergoes in her lifetime.

"Our anti-aging treatments address the major appearance milestones encountered by most women as they mature," says Morton. "If a client comes to us early enough, we have a good chance of delaying and softening many of these changes, and in some cases we can prevent them from occurring altogether.    

Here is Morton's summary of the most common age-related appearance changes and the treatments her salons use to counteract them:

  • "CELLULITE APPEARS mid-to-late teens. Cellulite is the first visible sign of aging, most commonly starting on the legs. By 17 most girls have it, but I've seen cellulite on a 13-year-old," says Morton. "Surgery can fend it off, but because cellulite is caused by poor diet and toxins in the body, it will return unless the person makes lifestyle changes." Morton says her liquid mineral body wraps can prevent cellulite or smooth it away it if it's already appeared.


  • "The FACE BEGINS TO SAG around age 18. Compare anyone's high school yearbook photo to their college graduation photo and notice how much lower the eyebrows are in the college photo." Morton says Suddenly Slender's non-surgical "Face Taping" procedure will lift drooping brows and facial skin.
  • "BAGS UNDER THE EYES can begin as early as age 20 from a bad diet." Morton says her "Face Wrap" smoothes these bags, and erases dark circles, too.
  • "SAGGING BUST LINE begins around 25." Morton says her "It's All You" adult training bra will keep bust tissue high and firm and prevent sagging. "The bra trains sagging breasts back up into position, and they'll stay in place, even after you remove the bra," say Morton.

*. "DRY SKIN AND DRY COMPLEXION often start as early as 25. The minerals contained in the Body Wrap and Face Wrap re-hydrate and re-mineralize the skin, keeping it feeling soft and smooth," says Morton.

  • "AGE SPOTS on HANDS begin around 30. They can appear as early as 25 and are often mistaken for freckles," says Morton. "Spots are a sign of sloppy cell growth. Diet can be supplemented with RNA/DNA," says Morton.    
  • "POT BELLIES appear around age 30, or after your first child." Morton says tummies routinely look firmer and flatter after the Suddenly Slender body wrap.    
  • "JOWLS begin to develop sometime after 30, not because of fat, but because of gravity," says Morton. "Not many realize that a sagging bust line can pull the face and jowls down, too -- it's all one sheet of skin." Morton recommends her non-surgical "Face Wrap" and "It's All You Bra" to address drooping face and jowls.
  • "HAIR, EYEBROWS, and EYELASHES THIN around mid-30's to 40's. Remove the chemical buildup on your scalp, increase scalp circulation, and nourish the body with RNA/DNA supplements so the hair stays fuller looking," says Morton.
  • "SAGGING UPPER ARMS appear around 40 but are easily preventable with periodic Suddenly Slender body wraps," says Morton.

*. "PORES ENLARGE and become more obvious around 40." Morton says body wraps and face wraps can clean out and close large pores.

  • "KNEES GET ROUGH and BULGES APPEAR ON SIDES OF THE THIGHS around 40." Morton says leg appearance is easily addressed with body wraps.
  • FACIAL WRINKLES start mid-to-late 40's. Small lines around the lips deepen as moisture leaves the skin over time. "Smooth wrinkles non-surgically with hydrating face wraps and face taping," says Morton.

"When we talk about stopping or reversing the signs of aging, we're talking about literally building a younger looking body," says Morton. "We've found a key part of that process is to supplement the diet with RNA and DNA.

In addition to RNA/DNA, Morton uses another powerful anti-aging supplement: A sublingual spray containing a homeopathic version of the Human Growth Factor which she calls HGF, or the Homeopathic Growth Factor. Morton says because the spray is easily absorbed under the tongue, the anti-aging properties of HGF are not diminished by digestive acids in the stomach.

"Our anti-aging regimen routinely peels 10 to 15 years off the appearance of our "baby boomer patrons" in a few short weeks," says Morton. "When a twenty-something woman combines our anti-aging regimen with a healthy diet and regular exercise, we can virtually guarantee she'll keep a vibrant, youthful appearance throughout her entire life."

For the locations of spas and salons across the U.S. which offer Suddenly Slender's Anti-aging body wrap and anti-aging supplements visit http://www.suddenlyslender.com or call 800-221-6793.

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