Coastal Vacations Director Dean Marino Addresses the Number One Complaint About Coastal

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After eleven years, Coastal Vacations is flying higher than ever in the home based business arena.

After eleven years, Coastal Vacations is flying higher than ever in the home based business arena. Over the years the most common complaint from new members has been the same. Many new members continue to complain about the lack of support they get in their business start up. New home based business owners face enough obstacles while striving to make a brand new business a profitable business. In fact, 95% of all home based business start-ups fail to ever make a profit. The statistics are not much better for new businesses that are not home based. Making sure all the support possible is in place, and will be available when needed should be a paramount concern for anyone starting any type of business.

Coastal Vacations Director Dean Marino addressed the support issue on a recent Q&A conference call he hosted for the Coastal Vacations Sales Center while vacationing in Miami Florida. Marino asked the question: "Why does a McDonald's franchise cost over a million dollars, and you can buy a Joe's Burger franchise for a fraction of that? Well, the difference is support. What is the Joe's Burger logo? Does Joe's Burger ship product to all their franchisees to guarantee consistent quality? Does Joe's Burger have an extensive training program for franchisees, and managers. If someone told you that here in Miami, you could buy something called a McCuban Sandwich, would you know what fast food place you could find it at? That's support."

Marino continued by exposing the problem, and then explained the support systems in place at the Sales Center. "There is a worldwide home based business revolution going on right now. Unfortunately, 95% of those people who start a home-based business will fail. You are all on this call tonight because you don;t want to be a statistic. Deep down you know you were born to win. You just need the opportunity, and the help to reach your goals. The Sales Center system gives you the most help and support I have ever seen. We are changing those statistics right here, and right now."    

Marino continued by explaining the Sales Center support system "First, we provide you with the Coastal Vacations travel products with an eleven year track record for quality. Our product is a physical travel membership, not some digital e-book, tax advice, or motivation. Travel is the largest industry in the world. The industry continues to grow in double digits. Trend experts like John Naisbitt predict the huge growth to continue for years to come as baby boomers retire, and travel even more.. We could not possibly ask for a better product, a better time, or a better industry to be in, and our selling system is second to none.

"Second, we provide you with incredibly extensive training. From the start, many of the top Coastal members recognized that the Sales Center system gave their new members the best opportunity for success. They were tired of seeing their new members fail at an alarming rate. Ethically, they felt compelled to offer these new members all the success tools they could, so they joined our group to offer the Sales Center to their new members. These top directors knew that the stronger they made the Sales Center system, the stronger their business would be, so they began to make marketing tools they previously had only shared with their groups available to the entire Sales Center membership. Successful home based business owners who were selling anything from advice to motivation, and nutritional products also saw the merits of what had been created here. They not only joined us in large numbers, but they also brought the techniques they had used to sell their inferior products, and they wanted to share those techniques with us. The robust website training we provide is the culmination of years of experience from many of these successful marketers. On the training website you'll find video training, audio training, and how to information on over 170 ways to market and advertise your business. In addition, we have live Sales Center training calls weekly so you can get the most up to date information. The Board of Directors provides four training calls a week to those who crave even more calls.

"Third, we provide you with a training system that gives the person that brought you into the business strong monetary incentives to follow through and make sure you know what to do and how to do it. With our unique training sales system, new members pass their first two sales up to the person that helps them get their business up and running. That can be worth as much as $13,000 to your trainer,, Certainly a great motivator for your personal mentor to stick with you, and help you get started.

"Fourth, we provide you with a selling system that is plug and play ready. No need to re-invent the wheel. Your selling system goes to work when your prospect views a short, fast paced flash movie that provides an overview of our business. Your prospect then enters your marketing website, where they can learn more about our business model, more about the travel memberships, and even listen to over a dozen testimonials from actual Sales Center members who are experiencing success with the business. On the home page they are invited to call into the Sales Center office if they are ready to talk live one on one with a representative. If they are not ready for that yet, they can join live interactive Q&A calls, like this one, where they can learn more, and even have an opportunity to get their questions answered.. When they are ready, they call into the Sales Center, and an experienced rep will answer any remaining questions they may have, and helps them get started. Our reps take the calls. They do all the presentations. They do all the telling, selling, follow up, closing, and then collect the money so you don't have to. Heck, they even ship the product for you."    

Some prospects seemed overwhelmed with the amount of support provided by the system, especially the live, highly skilled salespeople in the Sales Center offices. Marino and other members on the call explained how the representatives employed by the Sales Center had closed sales for them while they vacationed, enjoyed time with families, or were working on other projects.

When reached for comment, Marino made it clear how important he feels it is to give new members the support they need. He explained that he hears from people trying to earn money with the business without his system. Many join the business with people who offer little or no support. Marino said some new members in the conventional business can't even get the person they joined with to call them back after they paid the money. He explained that others hear from the person they joined with so they could sell them costly add INS like training, advertising coops, websites, leads, even a $1500 gold calling plan.

In addition to the training and support provided by the system, Marino provides personal support to his group members at no additional cost. He provides all his members with a fast start package composed of 3 Cd's loaded with marketing information, and details about the Coastal travel products. Marino's group also gets training emails on a regular basis to keep them up to date. He hosts a weekly training call, and is available for one on one consultation with his group members. To learn more about Dean Marino and the support system he provides, go to


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