Nightengale Press Announces the Release of an Important Breakthrough title, 'Surrogacy was the Way' by Author Zara Griswold

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Doctors in endocrinology and reproductive medicine herald "Surrogacy was the Way" as the first title of its kind to accurately present surrogacy’s possibilities from both the personal and the medical sides of this sensitive and controversial subject.

Doctors in endocrinology and reproductive medicine herald "Surrogacy was the Way" as the first title of its kind to accurately present surrogacy’s possibilities from both the personal and the medical sides of this sensitive and controversial subject.

When couples discover they cannot have children, the option to turn to surrogacy to make their families has become one of the hottest issues in the reproductive arena. When reality and controversy meet head on, the resulting discussion can be compelling and intense. But, when the drive and mission of a mother whose own success with surrogacy engages the heart and reaches out to others like herself who are willing to tell their own stories, the result is an important book that sheds light on this medical wonder and provides meaningful insight, resource and help to the millions of couples facing the harsh reality of reproductive difficulty.

Ms. Griswold had no difficulty in gathering numerous quote submissions in support of her book, once she had the galleys. Doctors from Harvard, Stanford and Yale universities, psychiatrists and lawyers who work with surrogacy, all provided their support and willingness to share this important book with their patients and colleagues.

Dr. Aaron S. Lifchez, President and Managing Partner of the Fertility Center of Illinois puts it this way, “This is a wonderful and well written book that provides an up close and personal look at the lives of couples attempting to build their families through surrogacy. It provides accurate insights not only into the medical aspects of the process but into the emotional aspects as well. Most of all it reveals the need and value of tenacity for these couples. Not only will I recommend this book to my patients but also to all of the medical personnel involved in the process.”

“Zara Griswold’s book encapsulates the human experience and life stories of couples who have built their families with third party reproduction. The book highlights the obstacles and journeys of real people on their way to parenthood using technologies that were not widely available until recently. Congratulations to Ms. Griswold for highlighting this important option for many seeking to overcome infertility,” writes Michael M. Alper, M.D., and Medical Director, Boston IVF, and Assistant Clinical Professor of OB/GYN, Harvard Medical School.    

“This book does what no other book on the subject has been able to do, and that is to talk about the surrogacy experience firsthand and from the heart. It accurately describes what couples go through to have a child using all forms of surrogacy. It is a must read for any and all couples contemplating surrogacy!” said Andrew A. Toledo, M.D. of the Institute for Endocrinology and Reproductive Medicine.

Zara Griswold presents not only her own experience with surrogacy in her book, but also the stories of nineteen other intended mothers.

“The idea for this book came to me almost a year before my children were born. Like many women who are infertile, I had spent many years worrying and wondering if I would ever become a mom. I knew adoption was an alternative all along, but once I learned that surrogacy was another realistic possibility I became convinced that it was the way I wanted to create my family,” Ms. Griswold writes in the Preface of her book. She very bluntly describes her feelings about the situation that she and her husband faced in their quest to become parents after attending adoption orientations that dictated years of waiting before they could begin the process of adoption.

“Needless to say, it was upsetting to me that other people were controlling my destiny. Okay, that’s putting it nicely -- I was pissed! But I just didn’t think I had any other choice,” Ms. Griswold writes. In the spring of 2002, when a friend suggested surrogacy and she began researching the subject, immediately Ms. Griswold said, “This was the answer I had been looking for.”

"Surrogacy was the Way" includes a series of true stories that give a realistic view into the world of an intended mother, the term for the “mother to be” in a surrogacy arrangement. The women whose journeys are chronicled throughout this book have resorted to surrogacy for a variety of reasons, from Mayer-Rokitansky-Kuster-Hauser syndrome (MRKH) to cancer to everything in between. What they do have in common, regardless of the variations in their personal experiences, is that all of the women featured eventually become mothers through surrogacy. There are many roads to family building in today’s day and age and surrogacy is not necessarily the right choice for everyone. For a growing percentage of the infertile population, however, and for the twenty women who tell their stories in the pages to follow, surrogacy was the way.”

On February 28, 2006, at 7pm CST, Ms. Griswold will be appearing on "Calling All Authors," a live internet radio talk show at She will be discussing the process of writing her book, the joys and frustrations of choosing surrogacy over adoption, and what she hopes the book will accomplish in helping other infertile couples achieve the dream of parenthood.

This excellent book is available on the author’s website at, at, all online bookstores and upon request at bricks and mortar bookstores nationwide.

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Surrogacy Was The Way  by Zara GriswoldSurrogacy Was The Way by Zara GriswoldSurrogacy Was the Way: Twenty Intended Mothers Tell Their Stories documents the true stories of twenty women who had children via surrogacy. Surrogacy is a complete possibility in today’s day and age, but anyone considering this route to parenthood should know the pros and cons. The women featured go to surrogacy for a variety of reasons, ranging from Mayer-Rokitansky-Kuster-Hauser syndrome (MRKH) to cancer to unexplained infertility and everything in between. Some of the journeys go rather smoothly—while others are filled with one obstacle after another. Some of the women have children already and want to add to their family, while most are attempting to become moms for the first time. What they all have in common, however, is that every woman whose story is told knows what it’s like to be an intended mother—the term for the “mother to be” if and when a baby is born. And all of the women ultimately end up having a child (or more) through surrogacy. When I first started researching surrogacy, I was fortunate to find several Online support groups. As I gave and received support to so many other women I became fascinated with the extent to which people would go to simply have a baby. I realized that their stories—our stories—needed to be heard; thus, the idea for this book was born. For the millions of women who have been touched by infertility in some way, or know someone who has, Surrogacy Was the Way will open their eyes to amazing possibilities. It will show them that they do have options, and with persistence and faith, they can achieve their dreams of motherhood after all. Nightengale Press Publisher, Valerie Connelly will interview Zara GriswoldNightengale Press Publisher, Valerie Connelly will interview Zara GriswoldValerie Connelly will interview Zara Griswold on Tuesady, Feb. 8, 2006 at 7PM CST on Global Talk Radio at www.globaltalkradio.comAuthor Zara GriswoldAuthor Zara GriswoldMother of twins by surrogacy, and author of Surrogacy Was The Way.