Announcing the Release of the New Novel “Days of Grace” and Its Needle Award Nomination

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It’s real fiction, not a tarted-up memoir. Neither endorsed by nor rebuked by Oprah Winfrey.

POD-dy Mouth, a writer/reviewer profiled in the Washington Post, Boston Globe, Dallas Morning News, LA Times and Publishers Lunch, has nominated Austin, Texas writer Mark Falkin for a Needle Award in the literary category for his novel “Days of Grace.”

“Days of Grace” tells the story of Ian Johns, a bleary and depressed thirty-one-year-old “professional student,” who, in the throes of an early-life crisis brought on by his mother’s untimely death from cancer, quits law school after surviving the rigors of its proverbially arduous first year to become an itinerant without a plan. With a voice and sensibility that can be likened to Lethem, Sedaris, Coupland and Kerouac, the book is unabashedly picaresque and Neo-Beat, written in a roman à clef and journalistic style which has been described as “modified stream-of-consciousness.” It is at times dark and bittersweet but is relentlessly tinged with bright-sharp edges of humor. As we go forward with Ian on his travels and go back into the near-past to sit at his mother’s deathbed in his childhood home, viewing the world through his admittedly cracked prism, we come away having learned something universal about ourselves, Y2K America and maybe even mortality itself.

“Sure, I’d love it if Oprah placed her giant ‘O’ on my book,” says Falkin without a hint smarm. “I’m not Jonathan Franzen. I wouldn’t eschew it. I’d embrace it. Now, before Oprah takes this on, I want to make it clear: this book is fiction, not a memoir. I tried to shop it and publish it as a memoir, but my publisher (me) said upon my delivery of the initial draft—in a manner not unlike the way in which President Bush told the CIA to keep looking into the nexus of terrorism and WMD’s in Iraq—‘Go back and do it again.’ So, I did. There’s only the smallest iota of memoir in there, to wit: Yes, I went to law school. Yes, my Mom died of cancer on Christmas Eve. But that’s it. The rest is pure yarn-spinning. I’ve never owned a van with a Miracle Scene airbrushed on it. I’ve never worked as a day laborer. I’ve never been to a cockfight.”

POD-dy Mouth, the anonymous Washington DC fiction writer, blogger and reviewer profiled in the Washington Post, Boston Globe, Dallas Morning News, LA Times and Publishers Lunch, says about “Days of Grace”: “The writing style is delightful, both light and funny and at times dark and besetting. Falkin could easily be likened to the aforementioned Lethem or to Augusten Burroughs or even J.D. Salinger…Bottom line? This book is not only a bona fide page-turner, it's downright cool. This novel has everything going for it…”

Author: Mark Falkin was born September 24, 1970 in Tulsa, OK. Schooling: Holland Hall School (Tulsa; a “lifer”); Southern Methodist University (Dallas); OU Law School (Norman, OK). He practices entertainment and intellectual property law at the firm he co-founded, Sachse Williams & Falkin, LLP, in Austin, Texas where he lives with his wife and daughter. He was once in a rock band. He sang. “Days of Grace” is his first novel. He is currently at work on a second which takes place in the Texas Hill Country and has absolutely nothing to do with first-person peripatetic adventures in millennial thirtysomething angst.

Title: Days of Grace

Author: Mark Falkin

ISBN: 1411670795

Publisher: Lulu Press, 3131 RDU Center Drive, Suite 210, Morrisville, NC 27560, U.S.A

Phone: 919 459-5858

Ordering: BookPeople (Austin),,,,,,

Number of Pages: 520

Price: $15.50 US


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