New Book Uncovers What's Missing From Most Martial Arts and Self-Defense Programs

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When it comes to learning to protect yourself, the self-defense information you get has to not only "sound" and "look" like it will work - it must work. Why? Because in a violent confrontation, you need to know that what you learned is right - your life depends on it. A new book, titled "The Karate-Myth", has just been released by internationally recognized self-protection expert Jeffrey M. Miller...

Jeffrey M. Miller, an internationally recognized leader in the field of self-protection, has just released a new book titled, "The Karate-Myth: Why Most Martial Arts & Self-Defense Programs Don't Work and What You Can Do to Insure Your Safety in Today's Violent World." At first glance, it would seem odd that a 10th degree black belt in a traditional Japanese warrior-based martial art would write a book about how you can't learn self-defense from someone like him. But, once you look below the surface, you find that Miller is not your typical martial artist or self-defense instructor.

Miller's latest work, "The Karate-Myth" is not another self-defense book filled with step-by-step techniques. It doesn't take a biased approach about which martial art is best either. So, just what makes "The Karate-Myth" a must-read for anyone who's serious about learning how to protect themselves from violent assault? Good question - and Miller's background says it all.

"I have what few others who are teaching martial arts or self-defense have," says Miller, the founder of Warrior Concepts International, a Pennsylvania-based company that provides programs for both individuals, private groups, and corporate clients, "and that's real-world experience." Miller has been training in the martial arts and studying self-protection for over two-thirds of his life. But that, he says, is not his real strength. "My background as a police officer, undercover investigator, and personal protection agent (bodyguard), combined with my study of natural human emotional response to danger and the role that our own instinctive defense mechanisms play in our ability to effectively defend ourselves makes a big difference," says the 43 year old father of four.

This new, groundbreaking book goes where few others have. Instead of simply giving the reader instructions for defending against an unknown attack, "The Karate-Myth" outlines both what's missing in conventional self-defense courses and what you must know about an assault situation to be able to properly train in the first place. And Miller would know. His background in law enforcement and undercover operations put him into situations that demanded that what he knew not only worked, but worked against someone determined to damage him at all cost. While most of his readers will probably never have to face such challenges, it's nice to know that what you're learning is right.

What exactly is the "karate-myth?" Well, according to the book's author, it has two parts. The first part, explains Miller, is the misconception that people, in general, have about those who wear black belts or who teach self-defense classes. "Most people think that just because someone is wearing a karate belt or leading a class that they know how to deal with a violent attacker. Even the typical martial artist believes that just because someone has won a few trophies in a competition or has attained a certain rank, they know what to do." "When, in fact," continues Miller, "the vast majority of so-called self-defense experts have never had to use their skills outside of a classroom or the rule-laden and safety-conscious environment of a sports arena."

The second part of the "myth", according to Miller, is perpetuated by those looking for classes. The author says that, by and large, the greatest majority of students are looking for "quick" and "easy." He says that, since most people who are looking for help have never actually been attacked, they simply have no idea about what it is that they need. "And that," says Miller, "is the first step to success."

The book is the perfect foundation for anyone who is new to the concept of self-protection. It is also a tremendous help to everyone who has some experience with the topic. "The Karate-Myth" builds on information found in a previously produced educational video called: "Danger Prevention Tactics - Protecting Yourself Like a Pro." It provides the beginner with an real-world, scientific place to begin," offers Miller, who has personally taught private, military, and law enforcement clients both here in the US as well as in Canada, England, and Europe. "It also gives the intermediate and advanced practitioner something that is probably missing from their previous training - guidance from a knowledgeable source who has "been there" in actual situations where there was more at stake than a trophy or belt."

The book has been released in electronic format and is available directly from It will also be distributed through other venues in the coming weeks and months. "We're looking into the creation of an affiliate network so that we can really get this valuable resource into as many hands as possible," says Miller.

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