Newest Asian Gym Franchise Synergizes Contemporary Functional Fitness with 300-year-old Kettlebell Training

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A totally new gym franchise is now available to the Asian market. Lifelong South Korean athlete John Yo has fused an ultra-contemporary fitness method with a 300-year-old fitness staple to offer a new high performance gym boutique. Vortex 'functional fitness' machines are merged with Kettlebells, a resurgent Russian athletic training method dating back to 1704. The combined exercise protocols emphasize space efficiency and time compressed results.

New York based health club entrepreneur, John Yo, hit upon a synergistic exercise combination that is so popular with his Seoul club members that he is today announcing a new international franchise. The model will first be rolled out in his native Seoul, South Korea and then across all of Asia.

Yo, a lifelong South Korean athlete in martial arts and body building, in 2003 began developing his high-end boutique gym called "Home Gym DN" in a quest to improve upon the standard gym mold. In his research to determine exercise protocols which offer the best results from extreme sports performance to everyday living by ordinary folks, he discovered the best solution was to offer a bit of the new and of the very old.

The new component of Yo's offering is the functional training systems by Vortex Fitness. Functional training machines allow exercisers to train multi-dimensionally at one station while building core strength, balance and stability. Originating in the U.S., functional fitness is fast eclipsing standard fare strength training machines on a global basis. Of Vortex, Yo commented, “Vortex fitness systems lets franchise owners maximize their profits and gives Home Gym DN members quality results with what I believe is the most comprehensive, versatile piece of equipment currently on the market."

The old component of Yo's offering is the proven kettlebells (a kettlebell resembles a shot-put with an handle attached) training system which was developed in Russia over 300 years ago which first started out as a counter weight on a scale for farmers. It became very popular and eventually became known as a Russian “ethnic” national sport with contests taking place all over Eastern Europe. Eventually kettlebells found their way into the training regimens of Olympic athletes and military special forces alike. It has a very solid place in Russian history as a way that was used to condition both the masses and the elite athletes and military in a very cost effective and time efficient manner.

By swinging the kettlebell in various directions, the body calls upon numerous major and minor muscles as well as uniquely employing core muscles. By crossing multiple body planes in a fluid motion, kettlebells are superior in developing strength, power, and balance and provide both a simultaneous strength and cardiovascular workout in a very short period of time.

Yo selected kettlebells and kettlebell instructors trained by KettleBell Concepts (KBC), a New York and Florida based-firm focusing exclusively on the kettlebell training protocol. “I chose to include Kettlebells in my franchise plan after learning of their simple design, cost, and full complement of cardiovascular, resistance and weight control benefits. Additionally, KBC is the only company that combines both the art and the science of KB lifting into a solid, proven, business model. Their staff and large body of very highly qualified and credentialed instructors is only one of the reasons I went with them” said Yo.

“John Yo is a true visionary. He’s a very successful entrepreneur himself and is a life long athlete constantly looking for ways to improve. He has his finger firmly on the pulse of the Korean market. I’d be hard pressed to find someone else more appropriate to help bring in kettlebells. We are looking forward to working with John to bring KettleBell Concepts kettlebells, instructors, and our academic & educational model to Asia,” says Dave Ganulin, KettleBell Concepts CEO.

Bob Piane, CEO of Vortex Fitness, added, “I’ve known John for about two years and was immediately taken with his plan to bring the ‘club within a club’ model to the Asian market. He’s definitely ahead of the curve. With the extremely limited square footage that Asian club owners are faced with, the Vortex and KettleBell Concepts education and training model are a natural fit. We look forward to working with KBC and Home Gym DN as well as increasing our market share in the Asian region.”

About Home Gym DN:

Home Gym DN is the first company to bring the Vortex and kettlebell training to Asia. The flagship Home Gym DN is currently located in the heart of Seoul, South Korea. Started by CEO John Yo in 2003, Home Gym DN is currently rapidly expanding its offerings in the region. Plans are currently proceeding for a Home Gym DN to open in the NYC Chelsea area. For more information, contact John Yo at 917-385-1467,

About KettleBell Concepts:

KettleBell Concepts, based in New York City, supplies both kettlebells and kettlebell instructor trainings to health clubs all over the world. Its courses are CEC/U approved by the NASM, NSCA, ACE, AFAA, ISSA, and other governing organizations.

The company has trained over 500 instructors both nationally and internationally as well as trained and instituted kettlebell training at Equinox, Spectrum, La Palestra Center for Preventative Medicine, Highland Park Hospital Health and Fitness Center, 02 Fitness, and many others. For further information call (800) 876-6090 x 711 or visit

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