Announcing the Newest Alternative to Buying Fuel, Creating a Safer and Healthier Environment

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Introduced less than 2 months ago, a revolutionary product that will increase gas mileage, while reducing carbon monoxide emissions by 75% or more.

Already exceeding record breaking member growth, and generating over $6 million dollars of revenue, BioPerformance will set industry standards in their first 10 weeks of business. BioPerformance is based out of Dallas, TX and manufacturers a product that increases gas mileage by 18% - 35% , while also reducing carbon monoxide emissions by up to 90%. This revolutionary product comes, in pill, or powder form, and is capable of driving up to two times as much energy out of the same amount of fuel. Not only will you be able to put $.40 back into your pocket, for every gallon of gas you purchase, but you will help suppress the demand for fuel which will ultimately make the oil companies lower the price per gallon.

A recent study was done on an older Dodge car, which was having troubles passing emissions testing. The car was producing high levels of carbon monoxide. After inserting two pills, the car was able to pass emissions, and receive 11 MPG increase. The product is guaranteed to not harm your car engine, or gas tank, and offers a money back guarantee.

For any semi truck drivers out there, this is the perfect solution. Typically a semi truck holds 300 gallons of gas. If you were to increase your gas mileage with the fuel pill by only 10%, you would save $700 per month. Now, if you were to actually increase your gas mileage by 35%, you would save over $2100 per month. That is incredible.

This very safe product creates a more efficient fuel combustion process thereby improving performance and reducing exhaust emissions, it also cleans the fuel systems and combustion chambers. The mission of BioPerformance, Inc. is to reduce pollution, conserve fuel, reduce the price of fuel by reducing demand and create 1,000 millionaires through the marketing of its product. BioPerformance, Inc. has exclusive product rights in the USA. Their web site is In accordance with American Legislation, this product is registered with the Environmental Protection Agency of the Federal Government of the United States of America, EPA 40-CFR 79.23 NO. 1932-0001. Registration of this product does not constitute endorsement, certification, or approval by any agency of the United States.

The product has been so successful. There have not been any complaints relating to damage of vehicle, or even noticing a decrease in MPG. If anything were to happen to your vehicle, BioPerformance claims they will replace any damaged part of the car, or engine. This is truly a remarkable product and it is the perfect alternative to spending $4.00 per gallon on gas. The company is less than three months old, and anyone who gets in the first 90 days will be considered a founder of the company. To find out more about the product, or business opportunity, please visit,

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