Criteria for Emotional Maturity Finally Defined

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There’s No Such thing as a Negative Emotion, by DS Barron, offers a complete reformulation of psychology’s paradigm concerning the criteria for human emotional maturity, the goals of all psychotherapy in general, and the extraordinary effects such a reformulation has on our choices of spiritual expression.

DS Barron’s There’s No Such thing as a Negative Emotion confronts one hundred years of psychological tradition in how its mental and physical body-based paradigm of the human condition screens out seeing the actual cause of the nature of wounding in childhood and how to treat that wounding in later life. Barron offers that neither traditional nor alternative forms of psychology and therapy have never seen the architecture of the human emotional body. As such, he offers ESH, or Emotive Subself Healing as more of a spiritual practice for the enlightenment of the emotional body.

For ESH, all categories of psychopathologic diagnoses in psychology and psychiatry see causes at either the physical, in terms of brain chemistry, or the mental, in terms of distorted maps or belief systems regarding the self and the world. As such, we are locked out of seeing the true causes that lie in the domain of the emotional body, the presence of which is rendered invisible to those still slave to seeing and experiencing the world through paradigms governed by mental and physical assumptions and parameters.

Barron offers there are three levels of change in human growth: self-improvement, transformation, and transmutation. Self-improvement is based in changing what we do behaviorally. Transformation occurs when we change the beliefs and attitudes that drive our behaviors. But only transmutation, the healing of the hidden emotional body congestions that drive why we possess the beliefs and attitudes that drive our behaviors, will lead to lasting and authentic personal and global change. He asserts it is now that time in history for both western revelatory-based and eastern ego-transcendence-based spiritual systems to see that their time in our evolution of consciousness is over, as both demonize the self’s journey through flesh-expression in profound and limiting ways. It is now time for a humanistic-based spirituality that teaches us how to live into our humanity as divine in itself within new paradigmatic guidelines of self-discovery whose authority lies within the human heart and not without.

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