Plasma Toroid Spheromak Energy Breakthrough

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Plasma Toroid technology by EPS remains stable without magnetic confinement, by using low-level background gas pressure. Could provide non-polluting electricity and heat for homes, as well as motive power for vehicles and aircraft, at a fraction of the cost of conventional energy generation.

PESN reports that Electron Power Systems Inc. has discovered a plasma toroid that remains stable in low gas pressure without magnetic confinement. MIT scientists have independently confirmed and co-patented the discovery.

In charge of developing the technology, EPS Inc. calculates that it can reduce ongoing fuel costs for users to 1/20th of present conventional energy pricing.

Near to realization are neutron-tube applications that include enhanced explosives detection for speedier customs checks.

Also, the Military is interested in using the powerful beam of neutrons for anti-missile applications.

With modified fuel inputs, this plasma toroid discovery has the potential to provide non-polluting electricity and heat for homes, as well as motive power for vehicles and aircraft. However, considerable R&D remains to be done before these applications will be available to the public.

Imagine being able to fly in an aircraft that is safe from explosions and fuel fires. Imagine being able to heat your home and to generate electricity for your own use, with about five percent of the fuel input it now takes just to get warm. Best of all, no carbon dioxide will be released. None.

By using their high-density Electron Spiral Toroid (EST) Spheromak, which remains stable for hundreds of milliseconds, EPS expects to improve the already-existing neutron-tube technology. Once the working prototypes can be built, in two years if funding allows, the company foresees two main directions of development for this technology.

Clint Seward, Inventor and CEO of Electron Power Systems, Inc, says: "The discovery of a new plasma toroid is a very significant discovery in plasma physics, and plasma scientists will be enormously excited about it."

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