The Department Of Justice Unseals Stealth Case In Congressional Scandals

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The Congressional scandals were ratcheted up today. The Department Of Justice unsealed a very damaging Qui Tam, (Whistleblower) case. The case and details have been under scrutiny since mid summer of 2005. The Case had been filed in the U.S. District Court Of San Diego.The Case number assigned by the Court is 05CV1937(BEN).

In a surprise move the United States Department of Justice has unsealed a Qui Tam lawsuit,(Whistleblower) that was previously unknown. The lawsuit deals with the original conspiracy to defraud the Government of funds through DOD projects and contracts. The lawsuit further implicates Congressman Cunningham, Congressman Hunter, Brent Wilkes President of ADCS Inc., and several other participants in the conspiracy. Mr. Cunningham has already been sentenced to the Federal Penitentiary for a period of 100 months for a part of his role in the conspiracy.

The lawsuit was filed by Richard A. Carden of Rolla Missouri. During the Dot Com era Mr. Carden had invented and perfected a process that revolutionized data migration and archiving. As a result of Mr. Cardens’ involvement in this business he had specific knowledge of various schemes to defraud the Government. When the stories of the Congressional fraud began to break, Mr.Carden became aware that the Government was attempting to discover what had happened. After conferencing with the DOJ, Mr. Carden filed his Qui Tam lawsuit. It should be pointed out that Mr. Carden was not involved in any of the schemes to defraud the Government. He was aware of them as attempts to lure him and his companies into the conspiracy had been offered previously.

The lawsuit filed by Mr. Carden specifically identifies the conspiracy, the originators, and the subsequent role that Mr. Wilkes had in the matter. The lawsuit seeks to recover upwards of fifty million dollars.

The Department Of Justice has been investigating the issues within the lawsuit since mid August. By unsealing the lawsuit it now becomes public knowledge. The DOJ has reserved the right to intervene in the case at anytime in the future. The act of unsealing the case does not in anyway dismiss the case. It will remain open and ongoing.

Mr. Carden has written and published several books under the Pen Name of Dick C. One of those books, The Shark Tank, by Dick C, deals specifically with many of the matters covered within the Qui Tam lawsuit.

Interested parties who would like to view or print the lawsuit can do so by visiting the website . All of the materials can be downloaded free of charge.

R&R Publishing Inc. acts as the agent and personal representative of Richard A. Carden, aka, Dick C. The contact numbers regarding these matters are Toll Free Ph/Fx-866-561-4524


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