Five Friends Every Woman Needs: Why a “Diversified Support System” is Best for Coping with a Crisis

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When it comes to friends, no single person can fill all of the emotional needs of of their friends. Find out from Karen Simmons, author of “Surrounded by Miracles,” how to find a variety of friends who can serve as a strong, multi-faceted support system.

Who, besides a friend, can understand the need for the same style shoe in five different colors or how a salad, diet drink, and a slice of double chocolate cheesecake constitutes a balanced lunch?

Friends make life fun. They provide encouragement, honesty, and support. But since each person has their own unique strengths, it is important to cultivate friendships with a variety of individuals.

“Developing relationships with an assortment of people is vital,” says Karen Simmons, author of “Surrounded by Miracles: How a Circle f Love Saved One Woman's Life in 57 Days” (Exceptional Resources, Inc., “Embrace the differences of each individual.”

In Simmons' experience, a diverse group of friends proved priceless support during her own battle for survival. In 1994 her family was told she had a 1% chance to live. She'd one to the hospital for a routine birth, but instead found herself receiving her last rites. Over the course of two months, Simmons fought a vicious battle with illness and finally came out victorious. She credits her recovery not only to God, but also to the way friends wove their various strengths into a web of support.

For those interested in expanding their own circle of support, Simmons suggests that they nurture friendships with five different types of friends:


Unconditional Supporter - Never more than a phone call away, no matter what.


Brutally Honest Friend- Tells you straight up how badly you need a new anti-wrinkle cream.


Devil's Advocate - Always asks you to consider things from a different perspective.


Misery Loves Company Companion - Always ready to share tissues and tears.


Intellectual Stimulator - Tosses out ideas that make your creative mind run wild.

No matter how good he or she is, no single person can fill all needs for their friends. By surrounding yourself with a variety of friends, you will not only up their fun-quotient, you will also set yourself up to meet any challenge with a strong, multi-faceted support system.

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Karen Simmons, Real Life Survivor and Supporter for Special Needs

Karen Simmons is the CEO of the internationally recognized Autism Today™, an organization that is one of the world's leading resources for special needs. A successful businesswoman, mother of six and an in-demand keynote speaker, Karen is the author of four books and the co-author of the forthcoming “Chicken Soup for the Special Needs Soul” along with Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hanson and Heather McNamara; visit

Currently based in Alberta, Canada, with her husband and family of six children, Karen is a dual citizen of the U.S. and Canada, which gives her and her organization a uniquely expansive network with the worldwide special needs community.

Surrounded by Miracles: How a Circle of Love Saved One Woman's Life in 57 Days

Exceptional Resources, Inc.


ISBN: 978-0-9724682-7-5



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