The Five Key Actions of a Warrior: A Surprising Path to a Life of Peace

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When you hear the word “warrior,” if you think of Rambo, Conan the Barbarian, or Mel Gibson in Braveheart, you are not alone. However, men and women alike are discovering the Warrior’s way of life, and surprisingly in the process bringing more peace, tranquility and control into their lives. Dr. Symeon Rodger, author of “The 5 Pillars of Life: Reclaiming Ownership of Your Mind, Body and Future,” reveals what it takes to live like a warrior, while shining light on a life of peace.

The word “warrior” may bring images of Sylvester Stallone's Rambo, Mel Gibson in Braveheart or even Conan the Barbarian, a role made famous by Arnold Schwarzenegger. However, the Warrior's way of life is one that anyone can adopt if they want to bring more peace, tranquility and control into their life.

“The difference between the Warrior and the ordinary person is that the Warrior deliberately chooses his cultural paradigm and his attitudes,” says Dr. Symeon Rodger, author of The 5 Pillars of Life: Reclaiming Ownership of Your Mind, Body and Future (Core Systems Press, $22.99, “Warriorship is a purposeful approach to every aspect of life.”

Contrary to what one may think given its name, the Warrior's approach to life is the opposite of violence against others. Recognized in Hindu, Buddhist, Taoist, and Native American tradition, as well as in the original Christian tradition, warriorship is a step-by-step training program with clear guidelines solidly based on authentic traditions. According to Dr. Rodger, the Warrior:


Chooses his culture and attitudes.


Lives according to his goals.


Assumes responsibility for his own life.


Takes decisive action.


Refines his mind and body to eliminate stress, negative emotions and self-destructive habits.

“A true Warrior is modest, gentle, and compassionate, while very skilled, much disciplined and powerful,” adds Rodger. “He knows what he seeks, he knows how to get there, and no one and nothing is able to knock him off his path. And yet, for all that, he remains humble and loving.”

If you think you are ready for Warriorship, take the free 5-Point Life Assessment or purchase your copy of “The 5 Pillars of Life” at .

BIO: Dr. Symeon Rodger - Spiritual Warrior

Dr. Symeon Rodger is a priest and spiritual father in the Eastern Orthodox Church in Ottawa, Canada. He has spent over twenty years immersing himself in Orthodoxy's ascetical-mystical tradition and has consulted holy elders from North America to the remote monasteries of the “Holy Mountain” of Athos.

Along with The 5 Pillars of Life, Dr. Rodger is contributing author to the best-selling Wake Up . . . Live the Life You Love: Inspirational “How to” Stories. Dr. Rodger is a former intelligence officer who worked on some of Canada's most secret intelligence projects, and he understands eight foreign languages. He and wife Larissa have three children.

The 5 Pillars of Life: Reclaiming Ownership of Your Mind, Body and Future

Core Systems Press


ISBN: 978-0-9738734-1-2



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