Expand By Demand: 10 Simple Steps to Savor Undeniable Success

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Why is it common to be pushed to the brink before finding a reason to grow? Discover why resistance is good and necessary for growth. Henry A. Penix, author of “Unwrap Your Gift” helps readers learn the art of expansion.

Americans are dreamers. In fact nearly half a million results pop up when searching “fulfill your dreams” in Google. Turning dreams into reality is possible. Surprisingly, resistance can be a powerful tool when moving forward.

“Every time you accomplish an impossible challenge or press your way through a difficult situation, you become stronger. You are preparing yourself for your next steps towards greatness,” says Henry A. Penix, author of Unwrap Your Gift (Insight Publishing Group, $17.99, http://www.unwrapyourgift.com).

For those who want to live the life of their dreams, Penix recommends incorporating these 10 action steps into their daily routine.

1.    Decide who to share gift with

Be selective when deciding with whom to share your gift. Some will just tell you what you want to hear. Others may be tainted by what has gone wrong in their own lives. Share with people who are trusted and respected.

2.    Find someone who has already succeeded

Be careful not to copy the other person but study them and gather information and ideas that you can use to support your own.

3.    Reevaluate and clarify the goal

After taking these first two steps, make sure this is still something that you want to do.

4.    Time the grand entrance

Until the implementation of your gift is producing enough cash flow to support you, don't quit your day job.

5.    Develop your plan

Complete a thorough business plan to help guide the way.

6.    Get on the same page

As your vision develops make sure you are on the same page with your spouse, significant other, business partner, etc.

7.    Look for others to help

Recruit others even more talented to join you as your goal begins to become reality.

8.    Establish a support group

Nurture healthy relationships with friends and family. Those closest to you will be your grandest cheerleaders. Nurture them!

9.    Decide that success is the only option

Choose to succeed with 100% commitment.

10.    Readjust until the goal is reached

Adjustments will be made to the initial plan. Don't get discouraged and never give up!

“Once you have a vision, take these 10 simple steps to implement your vision and attain undeniable success,” says Penix.

For more information, visit http://www.unwrapyourgift.com and receive the FREE report on “What to Do With What You Have.”


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