Arizona Businesswoman Fighting Stage IV Breast Cancer at 30

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Karen Blodgett -- an Arizona businesswoman -- was diagnosed with Stage IV breast cancer in April of 2005. A lump she found the previous year (2004) had been misdiagnosed as a cyst. Karen is concerned that other young women are commonly misdiagnosed for that very same reason- they are considered “too young” to get breast cancer.

In March of 2004, Karen Blodgett saw her doctor for a typical yearly examination. Just previous to this visit, Karen had found a very small lump in her right breast. When she brought it to the attention of her doctor, he simply told her that it was Fibrocystic Breast Disease (a cyst) and that it was nothing to worry about. He told her that it “may get bigger”, but that he could just drain it in his office the following year.

No mammogram or ultrasound was performed.

Unfortunately, Karen did have breast cancer. Her misdiagnosed tumor grew and the cancer spread throughout her body. By the time she saw her doctor again -- the following year, in 2005 -- she was diagnosed with Stage IV breast cancer. It had filled her lungs, her spine in two areas, her pelvic bones and most of her lymph nodes.

Regardless of the grim diagnosis, Karen was determined to beat her cancer. The day she found out that her breast cancer had metastasized throughout her body, she also announced to her family that she would “beat it, just like Lance.” She used Lance Armstrong as an example that so-called “terminal cancer” can be beaten even when confronted with the grim statistics of an advanced cancer.

Statistically however, Karen was literally 10 times worse off than Mr. Armstrong. She was even told that she was “in denial” by a hospital social worker. Karen went through 16 weeks of very intensive chemotherapy, followed by a lumpectomy. Just 7 months after she was given the horrific news, the hospital announced they could no longer find any evidence of breast cancer in Karen’s body. She beat incredible odds and went into remission, just as she said she would. When given the news, she simply said, “I told you so. You should have believed me.”

Karen wants to make herself available to the general public. She has prepared a speech about the importance of getting a second opinion, good nutrition and -- most importantly -- never giving up hope. Karen will speak to (almost) any organization that wishes to have her and will accept no money for her time. If your organization has a budget allocated for public speakers, Karen asks that the money be donated to a cancer-related charity in good faith.

Karen has been outraged to find that misdiagnosed breast cancer in women is far too common and absolutely needs to be addressed. Karen has an excellent sense of humor; her manner of speaking will be cheerful and insightful, not “doom and gloom” by any means. If you would like Karen to speak to your sorority, women’s group or any other non-political organization, please contact her at (480) 250-4901.

Karen also has a blog about her experiences fighting breast cancer at:

She hopes the blog will encourage others who are fighting breast cancer. Karen welcomes all contact and will help others in any way that she can.

Karen Blodgett is a mortgage broker licensed in Arizona, California, Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, Iowa and Michigan, her home state. If you would like to contact Karen about a mortgage, please visit her website at or call her at her office: (877) 551-8188

She promises to beat any deal offered by any other direct lenders. In addition, 10% of the revenues from new loans will be donated to a cancer-related charity. If you represent a cancer-related charity and would like to partner with Karen, please call her at (480)250-4901.

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