DomainMart Introduces Domain Name Liquidation-Value Service

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This is the first scientifically robust model to determine a domain name’s liquidation value.

DomainMart, a leading provider of quantitative and analytical domain-name services, introduced today a service to estimate a domain name’s liquidation value.

The report points out three important concepts of value: intrinsic, market, and liquidation. In a well functioning market, the intrinsic value and market value converge.

There are two major distinctions between a fair market value and a liquidation value, according to the report. Liquidation creates a situation where the sale must occur within a specific, short period of time and when there are no motivated buyers for the domain name at the fair market price. Thus, the seller needs to offer a reasonable discount to attract buyers. The liquidation value is an estimate of such a discount price.

According to DomainMart’s report, current domain name appraisal models have been developed to estimate the fair market value. The lack of a liquidation-based model is due to the current demand for appraisals being driven primarily by motivated buyers and sellers, and by the nonexistence of a robust scientific approach to estimate a domain name’s liquidation value.

“This is the first scientifically robust model to determine a domain name’s liquidation value,” says Alex Tajirian, DomainMart CEO.

Due to a number of recent litigation cases involving domain name liquidations, Tajirian anticipates a sharp rise in the demand for such a model.

To estimate the liquidation value, DomainMart has extended the application of their statistical classification model, which predicts the likelihood of a sale for a specified ask price. Thus, to adopt the model for liquidation, they reverse the inquiry logic to ask what is the highest ask price that would generate, say, a hundred percent likelihood of sale and the ask price for, say, a seventy percent sale likelihood. Thus, these two estimated ask prices represent respectively the lower- and upper-end liquidation prices.

“The model provides a fair and reasonable estimate of the discount that needs to be offered to motivate buyers to transact in a liquidation environment,” adds Tajirian.

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