Former Director of Proposed Carter White House Extraterrestrial Communication Project Presented New Initiative at Crop Circles Film Screening in Victoria, Canada

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The controversial documentary film “Star Dreams” explains that there have been almost 11,000 recorded crop circles worldwide since 1980, many of them baffling prominent scientists. A new version of “Star Dreams” includes the latest crop circles and was shown publicly in Victoria, BC on May 6th, 2006. After the film, Alfred Webre presented the Star Dreams Initiative (SDI), the evolution of his work as former Director of the proposed 1977 Carter White House extraterrestrial communication project. The proposal was prepared through his work as futurist at Stanford Research Institute (SRI) and it came about as a result of Carter’s interest in the subject after he saw a UFO in 1969.

Futurist Alfred Webre presented a peaceful version of SDI in Victoria BC, on May 6th, 2006, for the first time in Canada.

Webre's SDI is the "Star Dreams Initiative" ( and he believes that this peaceful initiative can help protect planet Earth from global self-destruction through our war-like ways and/or through future probable environmental cataclysm caused by global warming.

The presentation of the Star Dreams Initiative (SDI) followed the screening of the new version of the film "Star Dreams -- Exploring the Mystery of the Crop Circles" by Canadian filmmaker Robert Nichol.

SDI is the evolution of Webre's work as former director of the proposed 1977 Carter White House extraterrestrial communication project, a proposal that was prepared through his work as futurist at Stanford Research Institute (SRI).

Carter became interested in the subject of life in the Universe after seeing a UFO in 1969, as he confirmed in a January 2006 interview with GQ Magazine (

"The goal of the 1977 project was to fill the knowledge gap on this subject but was terminated because of the political climate at the time," explains Webre.

As a Yale Law School graduate and International Director of the Institute for Cooperation in Space (ICIS), who's mission is to promote a ban on space weapons and war in space, Webre brings notable credentials to a field that has been ridiculed for many years.    

Webre also says that Robert Nichol’s film on crop circles helped prepare people’s mindset for what he revealed during his presentation after the film.

Nichol’s updated documentary includes new interviews with researchers such as an investigative reporter, a Native American artist, and a former NASA consultant.    

The featured investigative reporter is Emmy Award-winning TV producer, Linda Moulton Howe. She explains that some crop circles in the U.S. have been worth studying because they show biochemical and biophysical changes that cannot be made by hoaxers using boards and strings.

During his film interview, renowned Native American artist Rod Bearcloud focuses on the spiritual meaning of crop circles. He believes that they are sent to us by the "Star Nation People," known in our western culture as extraterrestrials.

Native tribes worldwide relate that humanity has been helped by "Star Nation People" throughout our evolution.

At an unprecedented June 1996 conference in Yankton Sioux Reservation in South Dakota, indigenous tribal leaders from around the world gathered with western ET/UFO researchers and shared their spiritual knowledge of "Star Nation People" (

"They came because they had seen signs occurring now which had been predicted by ancient prophecies," as per psychologist Dr. Richard Boylan who was at the conference. "These signs signified to them that the time had come to speak openly about their most closely-held oral traditions. These traditions include their origin from the stars."

During the film interview with Richard Hoagland, the audience learned why evidence of an ancient civilization on planet Mars has been concealed by NASA. Hoagland was a former consultant to NASA and a science advisor to Walter Cronkite of CBS News during the historic Apollo Missions to the Moon.

Nichol’s film has been critically acclaimed by many daily newspapers across Canada. The Victoria Time Colonist called the film "fascinating, visually breathtaking" and the Toronto Star described it as "Stunning."

Despite raving audiences and great reviews, Nichol has encountered his share of skeptics in the past years who believe that all crop circles are hoaxed and made by people flattening crops with boards.

Nichol has concluded that only a minority of crop circles are hoaxed. He explains that skeptics often ignore the more complex formations with anomalies that defy our current scientific understanding.

Though science is not the main focus of Nichol’s film, he says that skeptics who believe that science can put an end to the controversy of crop circles might be surprised to learn the results of scientific studies.

As per a 2002 article published in the Providence Journal, prominent scientists were unable to explain how pure iron was first melted and then embedded in some crops without destroying the plant (

They determined that intense heat had been involved and administered in millisecond bursts. Iron melts at about 2,700 degrees Fahrenheit, which should have incinerated the plant, but it did not.

The article also explains that the most definitive and revealing scientific study ever done on the mystery of crop circles was funded in 1999 by the late billionaire philanthropist Laurance Rockefeller.

Rockefeller funded the Massachusetts-based BLT Research Team, directed by Nancy Talbott. They gathered hundreds of plant and soil samples from a crop circle formation in Edmonton, Canada.

"The plants had both elongated nodes (the "knuckles" along the stem) and expulsion cavities, and the soils contained the peculiar iron spheres, indicating a genuine formation," reports the Providence Journal.

The Rockefeller funded study concludes that "it is possible that we are observing the effects of a new or as yet undiscovered energy source."

The BLT team also reported increased growth rate of formation seedlings, as opposed to controls, in seeds from crop which was mature when crop circle formed.

In addition, some plants were found bent at a 90 degree angle and in some formations, plants were interlaced in complex designs. For more information, see:

Scientific data eliminates the hoax hypothesis for the specific crop circles that have been studied, and leave many questions unanswered.

Nichol explains that there is a consensus among some crop circle researchers that a higher intelligence is not only involved in making most crop circles, but that they are actually communicating to the human race at this time of great turmoil on planet earth.

After many interviews with researchers and experiencers, Nichol concludes that crop circles can help us rise to a higher dimension of consciousness in a way that broadens humanity’s understanding that we are not alone in the universe.

This filmmaker’s perspective is shared by Alfred Webre who has concluded that the Earth has been under quarantine for eons from the more spiritually evolved "Off-Planet Cultures" (OPCs), in part because of humanity's war-like ways.

He believes that we can help leave a legacy of peace and hope to our children and all future human generations by taking specific steps to end the quarantine.

Webre’s views are detailed in his book "Exopolitics – Politics, Government and Law in the Universe," and have received the support of prominent individuals such as Hon. Paul Hellyer, former Defense Minister of Canada and Dr. Bryan O’Leary, former NASA astronaut.

"Much of this book rings true," writes Dr. O’Leary. "Certainly, our civilization cannot go on as we have. We will need all the help we can get to lift ourselves out of tyranny, genocide, and ecocide. So why not reach out toward those who are clearly more wise?"

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Milk Hill, Wiltshire, UK (August 2001)Milk Hill, Wiltshire, UK (August 2001)Called the "Galaxy Spiral Arm" by some, this is the largest formation ever discovered. It covers an area of nearly 700,000 square feet, spanning 787 feet across and consists of 409 circles, some as large as 72 feet in diameter. As described in Robert Nichol's film, this formation appeared overnight on a rainy and windy night, while Nichol was in the area to film Star Dreams.Milk Hill, Wiltshire, UK (August 1997)Milk Hill, Wiltshire, UK (August 1997)Controls in wheatControls in wheatThis is from the same crop formation as photo above, but from outside the crop circle. It has normal nodes.Woodborough, Wiltshire, UK (August 2000)Woodborough, Wiltshire, UK (August 2000)Knoll Down near Avebury Trusloe, Wiltshire (July 2000)Knoll Down near Avebury Trusloe, Wiltshire (July 2000)Poster for Victoria screening May 6, 2006Poster for Victoria screening May 6, 2006"Face on Mars" crop circle"Face on Mars" crop circleFound in Chilbolton, Hampshire, UK (August 2001) next to a stunning and elaborate crop circle resembling the 1974 Arecibo message radio transmission. For analysis, see: Dreams - Exploring the Mystery of the Crop CirclesStar Dreams - Exploring the Mystery of the Crop CirclesClick here for photos of plant abnormalities in crop circlesClick here for photos of plant abnormalities in crop circlesExpulsion cavity in cornExpulsion cavity in cornTaken by BLT Research fieldworker Laurel Leaman from a formation in British Columbia in 2004Interlacing plants in Greene County, OhioInterlacing plants in Greene County, OhioOn July 5, 2005 a farmer discovered this formation in his field, an approximately 44' x 35' rectangle. For more info: (Photo by BLT fieldworker JoAnne Scarpellini)Windmill Hill - Near Avebury Trusloe, Wiltshire, UK (July 2002)Windmill Hill - Near Avebury Trusloe, Wiltshire, UK (July 2002)Alfred WebreAlfred WebreFormer Director of the proposed 1977 Carter White House extraterrestrial communication project as futurist at Stanford Research Institute (SRI)Node elongation in wheatNode elongation in wheatNotice nodes (plant "knuckles") from crop formation researched by Michigan biophysicist W.C. Levengood. Courtesy of BTL Research (For more info: