New $5-per-month Online Backup Service Makes PC Backup Affordable and Effortless for the Consumer

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Carbonite launches first consumer-friendly service that automatically and securely backs up PCs over the Internet, offering unlimited storage.

…I'm in the process of backing up as I type. You guys are going to go through the roof on this one. EXCELLENT JOB! I'm sure I'll be referring at least 30 people to Carbonite. Glad to have you guys offering this service...

Carbonite, Inc., today announced the launch of its Online PCBackup service, the first $5-per-month, “set and forget” online PC backup service with unlimited storage for consumers. By automatically backing up all the data on a user’s PC, Carbonite has found a cost-effective and easy-to-use solution to the wide-spread problem of data loss caused by hard drive crashes, theft, viruses, and other threats.

Carbonite’s survey data show that seventy-nine percent of college students have experienced data loss; one in eight people have permanently lost digital photos, and according to the FBI, only 3% of stolen laptops are ever recovered. Yet, the data also suggest that only three percent of consumers back up their computers daily.

“Most people simply do not back up what’s on their PCs. It’s always been complicated, time-consuming and expensive, but now people have to do virtually nothing to protect an unlimited amount of documents, photos and music,” said David Friend, CEO of Carbonite and a serial entrepreneur who has founded five other successful technology companies in Boston: Sonexis, FaxNet, Pilot Software, Computer Pictures Corporation and ARP Instruments.

“Carbonite Online PCBackup is completely automatic,” explained Friend. “Once installed, it finds any new data and automatically backs it up. It works continuously in the background whenever the user is connected to the Internet – yet it never slows down the PC or Internet connection.” To install Online PCBackup, users can simply download a free trial at and Carbonite takes care of the rest. Very conscious of users’ security and privacy concerns, Carbonite doubly-encrypts files before they leave users’ PCs employing techniques similar to those used by banks, the military, and e-commerce sites. “Only you can see your data, we make sure of that,” says Friend, “but you can always choose not to back up certain files if you’re still concerned.”

According to Friend, “Just about everyone seems to have a horror story of lost family pictures, important business information, term papers, music libraries, and so forth. We found that many people do partial backups onto CDs from time to time, but most people put it off because ‘it’s a pain in the neck.’ Then someone spills coffee on their laptop or their hard drive crashes and it’s too late. Nobody likes doing backups. That’s why, with Carbonite, you set it and forget it. You never have to think about it. And it’s less than a quarter of the price of any other online backup service on the market. That’s why we call it ‘Backup for Everyone’ – it really is ideal for anyone with a PC, not just computer geeks.”

Friend also noted that backup is a necessary complement to, and often more important than, anti-virus software. “Anti-virus software is, by definition, always one lap behind,” he said. “Before anti-virus software can protect your computer, the anti-virus software companies have to discover the virus, analyze it, come up with a fix, test the fix, and then release it to users. Meanwhile the virus is still on a rampage causing destruction. Whether people get hit with the virus before virus protection software can immunize their PCs is just a matter of timing and luck. The only way to really protect data is to have it backed up constantly and automatically. Now consumers can go back to yesterday with no issue,” Friend explained.

Online PCBackup is available directly from Carbonite at and will soon be available through selected retailers and resellers. The service has already received numerous complements including one from Dr. Craig Donnelly, CEO BPA Air Quality Solutions LLC (, who said “…I'm in the process of backing up as I type. You guys are going to go through the roof on this one. EXCELLENT JOB! I'm sure I'll be referring at least 30 people to Carbonite. Glad to have you guys offering this service...”

About Carbonite

Carbonite was founded in 2005 in order to provide Internet-based Backup for Everyone™. Although data loss is a very common problem, few people backup their PCs. Burning CDs is tedious and error-prone. Outboard hard drives are expensive, complicated, and vulnerable to theft, fire, and viruses. Business-oriented online backup services are too complex and expensive for consumers. Carbonite is dedicated to simple, inexpensive, automatic PC backup over the Internet.

At Carbonite, we believe PC users shouldn’t have to think about backup. Our mission is to provide an inexpensive, reliable and truly easy-to-use solution for the mainstream PC user; one that is simple, safe and always on™.

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