Former Merv Griffin TV Exec Breaking New Writers With Show Sales Via Web Site

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TV Writers Vault Web site cracks code to Hollywood’s closed door. New writers making contact and sales to Hollywood's top producers.

We’ve squashed the cliché of Hollywood being a closed door, and helped writers market their projects in a way that gives them maximum exposure with electronic proof of review. Promotion, and Protection is what we provide.

Selling your idea for a TV show to Hollywood is a calculated crapshoot, especially if you’re an outsider. But one company continues to crack the code of Hollywood’s “closed door” by allowing talented writers from all over the world the chance to get their work in front of the “right people”, with many finding unparalleled success. Writer Tim Centner of south Alabama is The TV Writers Vault’s ( ) latest success story.

“I wouldn’t be here without the TV Writer’s Vault.” grins Centner. “I’m a small-town writer from south Alabama with a treasure trove of ideas. I never imagined that I’d actually sell one of my projects. It’s pretty unreal.”

Centner has been a writer/member of the TV Writer’s Vault for over 2 years now. The TV Writers Vault is an upstart internet company, created and developed by former Merv Griffin development executive Scott Manville, 34. It offers aspiring writers the rare opportunity to get their projects (ideas or scripts) officially reviewed by producers, and some even sold to Hollywood’s leading production companies.

The Television Writers Vault has been that catalyst for countless new writers, and even established writers looking to make connections with new production companies. Current production members include, MTV, HBO, Fox TV Studios, and over 70 other leading companies of the television industry.

“We offer the producer or development executive an efficient and confidential method of scouting new projects for development.” Continues Manville. “We’ve squashed the cliché of Hollywood being a closed door, and helped writers market their projects in a way that gives them maximum exposure with electronic proof of review. Promotion, and Protection is what we provide.”

“When I decided to start writing and creating concepts for television, I searched high and low to find any place that would take unsolicited script ideas, or at least get some feedback on my work.” states Centner. “The problem is... that place just didn’t exist. You had to be an “established writer” with an agent and all kinds of hoopla to even get past the front desk trash bin.” He continues, “Then I stumbled across the TV Writer’s Vault… literally a dream come true! You can imagine my surprise when I got up one morning to have a personal e-mail from Scott telling me that a production company wanted to begin discussions with me about one of my projects!”

Centner says that working with the people at The TV Writers Vault is also a great part of the deal, “Scott and the staff are just great. Anytime I’ve asked for advice or guidance, I always got a direct and personal response from Scott Manville. How unusual is that, especially in THIS industry?”

After a few discussions with the Executive Producer who requested contact with him, Centner’s project was optioned. The option deal is a contract affording the production company the exclusive right to sell and produce the television project on Centner’s behalf.

“We’re very proud of Tim”, says Manville. “We’re happy to have been a catalyst in his success, but it’s his tenacity that has found him results. We have no doubt that he’ll find great success in this industry.”

Adds Centner, “Scott Manville is the requisite professional with a huge amount of experience, and Mark, the executive producer who optioned my show, is exactly the same way. Some of the nicest people I know, and nothing of the Hollywood stereotype. We’re in the process of developing 2 more projects through Mark’s company MDR Entertainment, and I couldn’t be more excited.”

Manville’s business model is now finding legs in the film industry with the launch of The Screen Writers Vault ( ) . “Many of our company members produce both film and television, so it only made sense for us to expand in the direction of film. The potential is limitless.”

Read more about writers finding success at the TV Writers Vault at , or visit The Television Writers Vault ( )


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