One Man's Spiritual Quest Turns into Blueprint for Assisting Shift on this Planet

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We all have a burning desire to know who we really are, why we’re here, and above all, what we’re really meant to be doing -- If you feel you are here to help humanity, this book is meant for you.

It would appear that we are quite mad, recklessly destroying our planet and each other. But this is just the tip of the iceberg. All the old axioms supporting our past assurances of reality are beginning to fall apart. Family structures, relationships, careers, self-image, finances, government, even our time-honored concepts of morality seem to be crumbling in the whirlwind of some implacable energetic imperative. Could this be the termination of civilization prophesized by the Hopi, Mayans, and other indigenous cultures; or even the predicted end conveyed in the bible?

Already being considered a metaphysical classic, new novel “Going Deeper: How to Make Sense of Your Life When Your Life Makes No Sense” (ISBN 0972395458) “is not about self improvement” explains author Jean-Claude Koven. “It isn’t about how to become more popular or how to attract more money or romance into your life. Rather, it deals with awakening to the purpose for being here.” In Koven’s entertaining, engaging and subtle book, Larry and his wise-cracking dog Zeus make their way to Joshua Tree National Park for a relaxing vacation. Unexpectedly, Larry begins a journey of spiritual awakening and true enlightenment with the help of Zeus’ wisdom of ages, and other unusual friends. Larry learns that the Earth and all of her inhabitants are depending on him and many others, to transit them smoothly into the next paradigm.

Dedicated to the 70 million wanderers already incarnated on earth, “Going Deeper” is a significant teaching novel offering 434 pages of spiritual wisdom with fiction and humor. “Many people write me saying that the book changed their lives and provided a degree of clarity they hadn’t been able to obtain before reading it” says Koven. “I can only speak to what ‘Going Deeper’ has done for me” he adds, “It has unleashed a never-ending torrent of awareness, reconnecting me to my own personal source, reaffirming my purpose on this planet.”

Set in the storytelling style of recent successful teaching novels such as James Redfield’s “The Celestine Prophecy” and Daniel Quinn’s “Ishmael,” Koven has weaved his 40+ years of studying and teaching metaphysics and spirituality into “Going Deeper.” A wake-up call brilliantly designed to spark the consciousness of millions of people who want to recover their innate wisdom and power, “it offers a blueprint for breaking free of self-created limitation and dependence on others for our wellbeing” concludes Koven.

Recently awarded the USA Book News Best Books 2005 Award for Best New Age Fiction, “Going Deeper” is poised to shift the mind/body/spirit communities around the world. According to Linda Salvin, host of the Visions & Solutions radio program, this is “the hottest metaphysical book of the millennium…” And in the words of internationally known author, anthropologist, and social visionary Jean Houston, PH.D., “an extraordinary work that harvests the wisdom of many times and peoples…Mythic and masterful, it is a work to be read and re-read.”

Jean-Claude Koven was born in 1940 in Villenueve-sur-Lot, a market town in France. After a short stay in North Africa, his family immigrated to Brooklyn on a Portuguese fishing boat, eventually settling in Manhattan. His many business ventures and entrepreneurial pursuits have been a cover for an impressive spiritual curriculum that has lasted some 40 years – several pages in the Acknowledgments section of his book detail the many teachers, mentors, and guides, each of whom expanded some aspect of his consciousness. Currently, Jean-Claude lives in Rancho Mirage, California with his wife, Arianne. “Going Deeper” can be purchased at major online bookstores. For more information about “Going Deeper” and Jean-Claude’s recent writings, go to


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