Recruit'n, a New Tool for Human Resource Departments and Executive Search Firms Everywhere

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Release about the Launch of Recruit'n is an open marketplace dedicated to job candidate information and resumes, where recruiters can buy and sell candidates contact information and resumes from all different industries all over the world.

Recruit’n ( has gone live and will be filling a void that the recruiting industry has been trying to find a solution to for years.

Search consultants, headhunters, executive recruiters, staffing managers, corporate recruiters, HR managers, business owners or whatever you would like to call the people who focus on talent acquisition as a career have an interesting new tool to help them out. As with many professions, the birth of the Internet changed the way many conducted business. It certainly forever changed the way professional recruiters go about doing their job. In the past recruiters had to compile their own databases of candidate information and acquiring this information was the primary focus of a recruiter. With the Internet came the compilation of huge resume databases and an easier method for candidates to search and apply to jobs on websites such as Monster (, HotJobs (, and CareerBuilder ( This drastically changed the game. Now the recruiter had access to more information than ever but could now spend countless hours sifting through resumes databases and sorting through endless piles of submissions from job postings. The recruiter was now spending all of their precious time sorting through data whereas before the recruiter was spending all their time trying to acquire data. This was an improvement, but to what degree.

This shift in focus led to the hiring of candidate researchers within the larger recruiting agencies and corporate recruiting departments. Researchers are responsible for parsing all this candidate data and providing the recruiters with lists of viable candidates for their various job openings. Research teams are generally understaffed and overloaded as this type of work is very time consuming. Often the task of researcher is outsourced to research firms at rates of $60-$150 per hour with no guarantee of the data that will be delivered. This has been a problem and Recruit’n ( has possibly created a the solution.

For recruiters who need qualified candidates, Recruit'n allows them to post their candidate needs (Job Requirements) and approve researchers from the Recruit’n network to their vendor list. Once approved the researchers will be paid for each resume they correctly target to a job poster’s job. This give the recruiter with a lot of job orders the opportunity to save the time of sifting through resumes while limiting the amount of money they spend on candidate research.

On the flipside, for recruiters whose strength is sourcing the correct candidates, Recruit'n invites professional candidate researchers, Internet recruiters, sourcing specialists and the like to become a researcher on the Recruit’n network where they can apply to job poster’s vendor lists and earn a monthly income targeting candidate information to the correct job postings. Researchers get paid the price that was set for every candidate and the money is distributed every month on the 15th. This gives the recruiter who is excellent at sourcing the opportunity to produce an excellent income without having to manage job orders and maintain relationships with clients.

The idea is that recruiter could post a job on Recruit’n and order 10 candidates from their team of approved researchers and offer to pay $30 per candidate thus setting a research budget of $300 for an entire search. They personally approved each member of their vendor list and know they will send them qualified candidates for their open job. Whereas if they were to post the position on a job board they would have to pay for the job posting and then sort through the resumes of anyone who stumbled across the posting no matter if it was a qualified candidate or someone who saw the posting and thought it seemed like a great opportunity even if they didn’t possess the skills required. In the end both recruiters would have spent a similar amount of money but one would have spent much less time sorting through candidate info.

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