Coco Tralla LLC Claims Crop Circle Logo Design Summoned Key Players of the Universe to Earth Rather Than Destroying It

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Reality Fiction™ writer, publisher and distributor, Coco Tralla, LLC claims her company logo reverses an ancient doomsday prophecy. The logo, an altered version of a crop circle that appeared in England, puts earth back into its orbital path.

In 1995 a controversial crop circle appeared in England, which scientists worldwide recognized as a pictorial representation of the universe, but earth was missing in its orbital path. Known as the “Missing Earth” crop circle, the formation inspired Eric Julien ( to telepathically “hear” the message: “Do you wish us to show up?” After circulating the message to millions of people online years ago, the question received a resounding “yes.”

The crop circle appeared in 1995 when the “comet” 73P Schwassmann-Wachmann broke up, and now, in May 2006, that particular “comet” is reported in the news as the largest “fragments” to “pass” our planet in decades. But Coco, president and CEO, challenges people around the world to look deeper than the canned reports, “Just like September 11th, there are too many oddities in the press of the so-called comet,” she points out. “At first, I was startled when I looked at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory Near Earth Object stats because the numbers indicated a hit, but now I know it’s something else because the news didn’t report that aspect of it.”

“If visitations or imparting messages through crop circles from other universes trouble you, then call it Reality Fiction™,” Coco continues. “But it’s time we face facts—certain key players of this world have decided this information is only for privileged people.”

Tralla Productions (pronounced like tra-la-la), a marketing division of the company, points to recorded history where hundreds of respected government personnel testified about a new energy source in the Disclosure Project (, but that event was foreshadowed by September 11, 2001. “Those sequence of events happened for a reason,” Coco claims, “It’s called Blank Slate Technology (BST), and it’s executed through 'remote viewing' with expert psychics who have the ability to move forward in ‘vertical time’ and determine ‘intervention points’ that shape history to move the masses into a pre-determined direction. The government debunks psychic and ET phenomenon for a reason—the technology is being used against us—it’s in the written record as something that doesn’t add up with the government.” As part of reversing the prophecy, the company wants people worldwide to know about BST because it manipulates and controls, and has the potential to destroy our entire planet with “their energy crisis agenda.” When asked to explain BST, Coco urges everyone to read the original interviews along with an explanation of the Wingmakers in recorded history at Although this non-corrupted version of the Wingmaker website isn’t related to either of Coco’s websites ( and she says all three sites are a good place for the facts, especially regarding the wisdom of the ancients and the power of their sites, which Coco claims need to be made public because that's "another story—seven actually." While doing research for Book Two of a Seven Book series Coco Tralla LLC discovered BST and other technology that ruin the simultaneous dimension—an invisible realm that exists, we just can’t see it. Book One, Light Vision, has just been released, and is only available through the company's websites because, due to the controversial aspect of her work, there have been blocks with distribution. Regardless of the roadblocks, this company remains united in their stance when they demand “a reckoning of what really happened on September 11, 2001.”

After discovering documents that prove BST and reports of highly respected people testifying about the government hiding an energy resource that makes oil and gas obsolete, Coco Tralla LLC warns, “If being visited by life beyond this universe is too hard to fathom call me a novelist, but BST and other types of invisible warfare explain the oddities and the unexplainable science that occurred the multiple days that time was etched in our minds. Manmade catastrophic events that make people’s minds a ‘blank slate’ in order to shape history must be banned forever on this planet.”

After selling diamonds, cashing retirement and putting a beloved home on the market only to have her life threatened by a FEMA worker, Coco Tralla LLC remains vigilant in the quest for the truth and the Novels of Lost Knowledge. In May 2006, Coco Tralla LLC will be an exhibitor at the largest book fair in the world (BookExpo America in Washington, D.C.). Located in Booth 811, Coco aims to create a New Time where Tralla Productions becomes an established distributor in the book trade business.


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