Quixtar Announces Kosher and Halal Certification of Nutrilite Double X Multivitamin

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Quixtar independent business owners will be able to better serve Jewish and Muslim clients.

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A 2002 report in a leading medical journal recommended that all adults take a multivitamin daily, and now more adults than ever will be able to enjoy the benefits of Nutrilite® Double X® Vitamin/Mineral/Phytonutrient. Recently kosher– and halal– certified, Nutrilite Double X delivers more phytonutrients from plant concentrates than many other multivitamins. Nutrilite Double X helps maintain heart health and fights free radicals. Quixtar Independent Business Owners (IBOs) in North America are the exclusive providers of Nutrilite Double X in North America.

There are 86,000 products marketed as kosher, with sales approaching $200 billion annually. Those who follow kosher and halal laws wanted to experience the power and energy of Nutrilite Double X Vitamin/Mineral/Phytonutrient, but dietary restrictions prevented them from doing so. Nutrilite listened to Quixtar IBO and client demand and reworked ingredients until Double X was granted both kosher and halal certification. It’s still the same Double X reformulation introduced in April 2005, with minor processing and ingredient changes to make it kosher and halal certifiable.

Kosher practices are based on Jewish dietary laws that require strict adherence to rules for ingredients and processes by which products are manufactured. Even the equipment used to manufacture products must be supervised by a rabbi. There are more than 10 million kosher consumers in North America.

Halal practices are based on Muslim dietary laws. “Halal” is an Arabic word meaning “lawful” or “permitted.” More than 9 million practicing Muslims in North America seek halal-certified products.

Obtaining kosher or halal certification requires inspection and monitoring by appointed representatives from these communities. By implementing practices that follow their approved processes and observing rules concerning various ingredients, Nutrilite is able to offer Jewish and Muslim Quixtar IBOs and their clients a wider range of healthy choices that comply with their religious requirements or dietary preferences.

Quixtar IBOs and their clients can see if a specific box of Double X is approved kosher and halal by finding the symbols on the back lower right corner of the outer carton.

A double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial examined the blood-test results of 120 men and women before and after taking the reformulated Double X multivitamins six weeks. Those who took Double X multivitamins showed significant increases in plasma levels of vitamins B6, B12, and folate, plus beta-carotene and vitamin E, both important antioxidants. Those who consumed the placebo experienced no change in these levels.

Study participants who took Nutrilite Double X multivitamins also experienced a statistically significant reduction in homocysteine, an amino acid found in the blood that is associated with an increased risk of Coronary Artery Disease (CAD). The placebo group did not experience this reduction in homocysteine. Research continues into the effect of reduction of homocysteine on heart and vascular disease.

Finally, study participants were tested for the extent of DNA damage in dividing cells, and those who took Nutrilite Double X multivitamins showed significantly reduced DNA damage. The placebo group experienced no significant change in DNA damage, which indicates that Double X supports the body’s natural DNA repair process.

The study demonstrates that Double X multivitamins helps maintain normal homocysteine levels and supports normal DNA function and stability.

Many believe that a healthy diet makes multivitamin supplements unnecessary. Consider, however, that to get the recommended levels of vitamins and minerals your body needs, you need to consume a carefully balanced diet with lots of fruits, vegetables and whole grains. To get just some of the higher nutrient equivalents found in a daily regimen of Nutrilite Double X multivitamins, you would need to consume:

  •     33 tablespoons of peanut butter for vitamin E
  •     7 cups of cantaloupe for vitamin C
  •     6 cups of baked beans for folic acid
  •     3.3 lbs. of pork loin for thiamine
  •     7.75 qts. of low-fat milk for riboflavin
  •     1.5 chicken breasts for niacin
  •     22 bananas for vitamin B6
  •     4.2 cups of peas for magnesium
  •     4.2 lbs of ground beef for vitamin B12

All of these nutrients and more are packed into three, easy-to-swallow tablets of DOUBLE X, exclusively available from Independent Business Owners powered by Quixtar.

About Nutrilite

Nutrilite is the world's leading brand of vitamins, minerals, and dietary supplements, based on 2004 sales. Nutrilite is so committed to total quality control of its plant concentrates from seed to tablet, it’s the only global vitamin and mineral brand to grow, harvest, and process plants on its own certified organic farms,* located in California, Washington, Mexico, and Brazil.

The Nutrilite Health Institute is a worldwide collaboration of experts dedicated to helping people achieve optimal health through research, education and practical solutions. The hub of the NHI is the NHI Center for Optimal Health, a world-class facility bringing together science, nutrition, fitness, research and people for a personal, interactive, educational and inspirational experience focused on health and the Nutrilite brand.

Nutrilite products are available exclusively through Independent Business Owners (IBOs) powered by Quixtar. For more information on

Nutrilite products, history, farming and manufacturing practices, visit http://www.nutrilite.com. To order Nutrilite products, visit http://www.quixtar.com.

About Quixtar

Quixtar Inc., a subsidiary of Alticor Inc., is a business opportunity company that offers entrepreneurs the ability to have a web-based business of their own. Through Quixtar's Independent Business Ownership Plan, individuals are rewarded for product sales resulting from their business-building efforts.

Since 1999, Independent Business Owners powered by Quixtar have generated more than $5.7 billion in sales, earning in excess of $1.7 billion in bonuses and other incentives. Their efforts have made Quixtar the number one retailer in the online Health & Beauty category based on sales, and 14th among all e-commerce sites, according to Internet Retailer's "Top 400 Guide."

Based near Grand Rapids, Mich., Quixtar currently supports independent businesses in the U.S., Canada, Puerto Rico, and various trust territories and independent island nations in the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans and Caribbean Sea. Quixtar Canada Corp. headquarters are located in London, Ont., Canada.

*Based on a survey of global vitamin and dietary supplement brands conducted by Euromonitor International.


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