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A new take on an old form of self-expression that connects people through visual symbols (personal tags). The Mikon Machine™ puts the world’s only FREE online vector editing graphic tool in your hands to draw transportable symbols that represent you, your dreams, your challenges, and your passions.

Mikonoclast, LLC has launched an invitation only website that is the first online vector editing graphic tool in the world. Mikonoclast, LLC is the parent company of Mikons.com and is managed solely by Mark Smith. Mikons.com offers a new form of self-expression that connects people through visual symbols (personal tags).

The purpose of Mikons is to be a service and a catalyst for personal self-discovery, self-expression, sharing, acceptance, and community, worldwide.

Mark Smith the founder of Mikonoclast is a bicycling fanatic. He was nearly fastened to his television (like most Texans and bicycle enthusiasts) watching the 2006 Tour De France, noticed something curious about Lance Armstrong’s time trial bike. The bike’s disk wheel was adorned with small icons, which Lance went on to later describe as the representation of his life's journey. Mark was also reading about the social Web community phenomenon, and coupled with his own passion to encourage people to boldly live their life’s vision, the idea for Mikons.com was born. Mark and his wife Kenna took this idea of building a Web community where people could come and create their own Mikons (icons) and share them with their family and friends as well as connect with new people, and began to build a team that would bring the idea to life.

Now came the hard part, finding the person(s) to build the tool that would allow people to create, edit, and copy graphic images online. As with all great ideas the right people somehow always seem to gravitate toward them at just the right time. While looking for someone to help with the development and printing of the Mikons merchandise, the Smiths were introduced to Alan Watts, a drawing application expert that has created and licensed his content creation technology to several world renowned companies. Alan took on the challenge of building the first online vector editing graphic tool and broke new ground on the World Wide Web.

Continuing their search for people that would provide input and aid in the development of the Mikon Machine™ tool, Web site, promotion, usability, as well as embrace the vision of this unique online community, Mark and Kenna proceeded to put together the team that would take Mikons.com to the world. Today the team members consist of Mark Smith, Founder and Visionary; Kenna Smith, Founder and Operations Manager; Alan Watts, the developer of the Mikon Machine™; Dr. Randolph Bias, usability and human factors expert; Stephen Dulaney, Web community expert; Dave Evans, social media marketing advisor; Eric Lawrence, Web Interface expert; Leisha Richardson, marketing writer and publicist, and Carlton Jones, CPA.

The team worked in concert together to launch Mikons.com in a limited release by invitation only on April 26, 2006. The technology behind this exciting new online and community includes:

First online vector drawing tool, Mikon Machine™, uses Shockwave

XHTML/CSS front end, Web Standards compliant

AJAX helps provide enhanced interactivity

LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP)

Mikons will be launched worldwide on June 5, 2006. Stay tuned for more as Mikons.com makes real history in the 21st century!

For a invitation to join Mikons.com please send us an email.


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