Remote Viewing the Real Story Behind the Da Vinci Code

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Remote Viewing expert and Remote Influencing creator Gerald O'Donnell trains and teaches the process of viewing past events and sensing probable future events. He and his Academy of Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing team have explored extensively the real story behind the Da Vinci Code including the meaning of the Holy Grail, Jesus events, and the Mary Magdalene legacy. Full Remote Viewing Sessions will be released on the Academy's website followed by teleconferences and E-conferences to further illuminate the decoding.

International Remote Viewing expert and creator of Remote Influencing teaches students how to go beyond theories to Truth.

Remote Viewing (RV) is a technique used by many spy agencies throughout the world. It has been found to be highly valuable in collecting data by specially trained agents using mind power alone. Teams of remote viewers have been successfully operating throughout the world in many sensitive intelligence collection assignments. The US intelligence community declassified some of its methods in 1995 and many schools have sprung up world-wide that teach RV methodologies.

The Academy of Remote Viewing is one of the oldest (1997) and most respected RV teaching institutes.

What differentiates this Remote Viewing Academy from others, is that its founder Gerald O’Donnell, a former intelligence Remote Viewing trainer, realized in the 1980’s that slightly modified Remote Viewing techniques could effectively be applied to bridge the space/time barrier. This provided an invaluable tool for exploring past events and even remote sensing probable future events, as quantum physics has always hinted when it introduced the concept of probable reality and parallel universes.

Remote Viewing the “Jesus event, the Mary Magdalene story and legacy, and the true meaning of the mythological Holy Grail.”

Gerald O’Donnell states, “In the course of many thousands of hours of Remote Viewing sessions by teams of highly skilled remote viewers from our Academy and elsewhere, the subject of the “Jesus events” has been extensively explored since 1989. This story, highly embedded in the mind of the mass consciousness of humanity at a level of almost mythological proportions, has shown many fascinating twists to us as we repeatedly Remote Viewed its historical context, unfolding, and its manifold meanings, and we would like, as a public service, to share some of them in the next weeks and months.”

“Because of the upcoming release of the movie: The DaVinci Code, and the interest and controversies that it will bring about, we feel a responsibility to enlighten many, in the service of Truth, as to what we have found to have occurred. Some of the concepts will at first maybe disturb and bewilder, then - as they tend to be integrated, help many marvel as to what it really reveals about Creation, and in the end highly empower the ones that will comprehend and make use of the revealed secrets that lie beneath it, hidden for millennia by vested interests.”

O’Donnell adds, “This is not an attempt to inject more confusion into an already convoluted subject which has aroused so many controversies throughout history, but a desire and dream to put to rest the many distortions and highly charged emotions surrounding the ‘story of a potential Divine embodiment’.’’

Questions Addressed

  •     What if there were not one Jesus but two? How are they related?
  •     What differentiated them? What is the meaning? And what does it show about the mechanisms of Creation? Whose story is being told?
  •     What if the shroud of Turin does not show a negative imprint of Jesus’ energy but rather his real energy?
  •     What differentiates the perfect cross from the Christian one, and what does the Christian cross really represent?
  •     What if Jesus had not one, but many children? Where did they spread and establish themselves? Where are they now?
  •     What was very special about Mary Magdalene?
  •     Did she also carry a spiritual royal blood line? How did it differ from Jesus’?
  •     What would the mixture of the two royal blood lines achieve at the level of their descendants?
  •     What discovery did some secret societies stumbled upon that made them - almost overnight - highly powerful and extremely wealthy organizations beginning in the dark ages through today? And why?
  •     What does the decoding of many old Christian, Hebrew, and Muslim symbols/codes reveal and what is their link to the “Grail”?
  •     Is the “Holy Grail” a physical genetic DNA inheritance? Or is its appearance subject to the confluence of that very genetic line and a direct connection to a “Spiritual DNA line”?
  •     What was special about the Spiritual DNA (makeup) of the man called “Jesus”?
  •     Why has mankind been - and still is - so obsessed with this story, which has conflicting and limited historical background and where the real players are few and far between?                                            


As Gerald O’Donnell wrote on his website in 1997, “The ultimate space/time travel machine had been discovered and it is us: Mankind.”

Using techniques taught worldwide by the Academy of Remote Viewing to tens of thousands of trainees, anyone can easily prove this to him or herself.

Just as The DaVinci Code by Dan Brown offers many questions, Gerald O’Donnell, internationally respected Remote Viewing expert and Remote Influencing creator provides a way for you to find answers.

“We are all searching for truth, even if we hold significant beliefs. Remote viewing and remote influencing are not designed to diminish beliefs, but to contribute to Truth,” O’Donnell offers. “Studying remote influencing offers even greater remote viewing skill, and this skill can be put to work immediately.”

O’Donnell has developed courses to demystify remote viewing and remote influencing so that anyone can easily use these techniques and skills in virtually any situation. To assist those who are seeking, O’Donnell is developing a community of students on his website, for learning and applying their remote viewing skills to unveil the true story.

The next days and weeks will see the release on the Academy’s website of much information about the “Jesus” story and the “real meaning of the Holy Grail”. Full Remote Viewing sessions on these subjects will be released.

Teleconferencing and/or e-conferencing will be scheduled after each major unveiling of Remote Viewing information, in order to help illuminate the decoding, encourage discussion, and help all step higher upon the ladder of imparted knowledge.

“Much will be gained when all the hidden keys are released and all the missing and known dots will finally link in what is really a simple and on-going process of ushering the enlightened Truth of a Loving Beingness to all, no matter their belief systems. It is not a story only about suffering and sacrifice, but ultimately about Eternal Love. For the true story transcends really all human based religious spiritual beliefs and connects all - Spirit and matter, natural laws of physics and biology, light and dark, good and evil, masculine and feminine, life and death, God and man – in a unity of perceptions which is the ultimate unified field theory: The field of One.”

“Interpretations are powerful; Truth is power,” O’Donnell asserts. “See for yourself.”

Gerald O’Donnell, M.Sc. MBA,

Academy of Remote Viewing and Influencing.            
Probable Future Corp., 2234 N. Federal Highway, # 499, Boca Raton, Florida 33431 US                                                                                         Tel: 1-561-243-2087     Fax: 1-561-243-2138

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