Successful Installation of Quantity 16 laser ILP8010 10 Watt Co2 Lasers by Worldwide Laser

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Worldwide Laser completes the successful installation of the quantity16 LP8010 laser system. This system places laser marked bar codes on the customer products ensuring increased accuracy during the production process.

Worldwide Laser announce that they have successfully installed quantity16 LP8010 laser systems at a signal customer location to place laser marked bar codes on the customer products. This development increases the options for businesses utilizing bar codes to operate their production line.

The LP8010 laser systems consist of a 10 watt Co2 laser, with Worldwide Laser Galvo System and Worldwide Laser ZAP-It laser controller software. Also included in this installation is the Worldwide Laser ZAP-Alone card. This feature allows the laser systems to operate without a computer and eliminates the need for any operator intervention or decisions related to picking or presenting the correct file for laser marking or laser etching the product. The ZAP-Alone card has a smart chip containing the ZAP-It laser controller software and stores the customer’s laser marking and laser etching files. Over 650 different possible marking files are stored and the correct files are opened and laser marked via binary electrical input from the programmable controllers running the customers production lines.

The 16 LP8010 Co2 laser systems provide bar codes which are read by vision stations at several different locations on the customer’s production lines. The information from the laser marked bar codes allows product to be tracked at all stages of production by part number and specification. This information can then be compared against open orders and sales requirements allowing for instant adjustments to align products being produced with the demand of products being ordered. Work in progress and finished inventory can also be projected and controlled by the information being read on the production lines based on the reading of Co2 laser marked bar codes produced from the LP8010 laser system.

Finally the bar codes are read again as product from finished goods inventory is picked to fill customer orders assuring the correct products are being picked and prepared for shipment to end users.

The LP8010 10 watt Co2 laser systems from Worldwide Laser replaced ink marking systems; the decision was made to replace the ink systems with Co2 laser marking systems for the following reasons:

1. The LP8010 Co2 laser marking systems from Worldwide Laser do not require any supplies or have any consumables such as ink supplies

2. The LP8010 Co2 laser marking system from Worldwide Laser do not require any regular standard maintenance such as cleaning of heads

3. The LP8010 Co2 laser marking systems from Worldwide Laser produce clear, readable, accurate, 100% repeatable bar codes on the product without any smearing of the bar codes or running of the mark.

4. The LP8010 Co2 laser marking systems from Worldwide Laser allow for laser marking

operations without computers and without operator intervention via Worldwide Laser ZAP-It laser controller software and Worldwide Laser ZAP-Alone interface card.

5. The LP8010 Co2 laser marking systems are provided by Worldwide Laser with 36 month warranty from the date of installation.

6. The LP8010 Co2 laser marking systems and all laser marking, laser etching, or laser cutting systems from Worldwide Laser are provided will full unlimited laser system lifetime technical support at no charge.

Contact Worldwide Laser to talk about your products and applications let us design, build, and install a laser marking, laser etching, or laser cutting system to meet your requirements.

About Worldwide Laser

Worldwide Laser was founded in 1986 and the company has evolved into a respected major laser marking systems manufacturer. They have also developed an impressive list of national and international service and parts clients. Worldwide currently has active clients in ten countries on three continents. Worldwide has developed a major service organization for TEA CO2, CWCO2, and ND-YAG based laser marking products. They provide one of the largest inventories of spare parts in North America. Their own products include the LP2000 series of TEA Co2 lasers, the LP9000 series of diode & flash lamp YAG lasers, and the LP8000 series of Co2 lasers. Worldwide Laser has established a major laser marking job shop with TEA CO2, CWCO2, Diode, and flash lamp ND-YAG laser marking systems. For further information call (480) 892-8566 or visit their website


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