What Makes a Woman Unforgettable and Why You Should Care

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Who are the roll models for women in business today? And how can women achieve the success they desire while maintaining the balance between career, family and personal growth?

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Denise Solay, one of America’s leading jewelry designers, writes in her monthly newsletter, THE MEMO, http://www.denisesolaydesigns.com “While I’ve been talking and writing about the subject of How to be an Unforgettable Woman for the last few years, I thought it would be a good idea to get a man’s point of view for a change. So, my husband, Richard, a former ad agency CEO and Creative Director before he joined forces with me in the jewelry business, is going to add his two cents to the subject on what has become an interesting topic around our house… Unforgettable Women.”

Richard Solay says “The focus of this MEMO shifts from our usual subject of jewelry, and how it can give today's businesswoman an Accessory Edge, to Unforgettable Women, who they are, and why you should want to become one.

Do you remember the strange feeling you felt the first time on TV you saw a woman in combat in Iraq? A camouflage-wearing woman in body armor and a helmet carrying a heavy-firepower weapon? Discomfort? Dismay? Disbelief? She was totally different than the women we’ve all worked with in the corporate world? Probably because of the unfamiliar and dangerous setting, and, because, in so many of us, we still carry the traditional ideals of women as portrayed in literature, television and by our moms.

"I did but see her passing by… And yet I love her till I die"

An ideal proffered by an Elizabethan poet, but, unfortunately, an attitude about women still prevalent, as “fragile,” as “helpmeets,” as “loyal assistants.” as “objects of desire.”

But that image is changing. There is a whole generation already in the workplace whose moms and roll models were not June Cleaver, Lucy Ricardo or Marlo Thomas’s That Girl – Ann Marie, (As opposed to the Marlo Thomas of today… That Woman.) Instead, they saw the likes of Murphy Brown, Margaret Thatcher, Izumi Kobayashi, president of Merrill Lynch Japan Securities, Christiane Amanpour - CNN, Brenda Barnes President, Chairman and Chief Executive, Sara Lee, Andrea Jung Chief Executive, Avon Products, Anne M. Mulcahy Chairman and Chief Executive, Xerox, and Gena Davis Commander in Chief, U.S.A., just to name a few.

There are CEO’s like Meg Whitman of eBay, Inc. who it is said “leads by not leading, bosses by not bossing, and manages by not managing. “ I can’t think of too many male CEO’s who would be totally comfortable with something like that written about them.

And yet, US News And World Report writes about Ms Whitman “ This CEO of eBay presides over a company that has been described as growing faster in its first decade than any other enterprise in the history of capitalism.” Is there a male CEO who would not sell his soul for that description?

In my research into the topic of Unforgettable Women I still keep coming across lines like

“… the unforgettable woman is warm and responsive.” OR “... you know that she is aware of you. Her mind is hospitable to your ideas, her heart to your joys and sorrows.” OR… “Everything a man does with such a woman becomes a memory. Because she was delighted, intrigued, curious...” OR… “Since she is responsive, the unforgettable woman has a genius for discovering what is worthwhile in another person…”

Does all that make you want to throw up?

Go back to that image of the helmeted figure with the wrap around sunglasses and the M16.

It’s somewhere between those two poles of “warm and responsive” and “Major Toughmom” that leaders like Meg Whitman operate in.

The word is “BALANCE”

The article in US News about Meg Whitman also goes on to say … “a new kind of corporate leader, one who, like Whitman, keeps a steady hand on the tiller rather than gripping and pulling hard on the levers of power… subtly steering and influencing relationships -- instead of controlling them -- to generate financial returns. It means working from a cube, not a corner office, and conversing, not commanding. It means asking questions, as opposed to providing answers, and then sharing what's been learned. It means building continual consensus and earning trust through transparency. Finally, it means understanding that bottom-line success often stems from experimenting and failing -- or from doing nothing when bold action seems desperately needed.”

I can’t think of too many male CEO’s who could instinctively operate like that. Perhaps we can learn. I hope so.

And what does all this have to do with selling jewelry you ask?

Denise Solay Designs and The World on a String exists by the sale of jewelry. It’s what powers our engines. So, of course I hope you’ll all go immediately to our website http://denisesolaydesigns.com and buy a necklace or earrings or ankle bracelet, or two.

BUT, just as important, I also hope that you’ll go to the section on our website about “Unforgettable Women” and nominate someone. (I have to keep saying, “Please not a relative, but someone you worked with, or met, who greatly influenced you. – Get someone else to nominate mom or Aunt Martha.)

Go to http://www.denisesolaydesigns.com/html/uw_nominate.html and tell us about that someone special. And keep thinking about what YOU can do to become unforgettable to someone else. Check out Denise’s Tips On How YOU Can Become Unforgettable, by clicking on this URL: http://www.denisesolaydesigns.com/html/info_tips_becomeunfor.html

And, please, if possible, we’d appreciate it if you’d tell your friends and colleagues about our site and pass on this MEMO.

There are a lot more Meg Whitman’s out there that we should all know about.”

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