Truth in Corporate Justice LLC Attorney Denied Access to Annual Halliburton Meeting

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Meeting held in rural town, Duncan, Oklahoma under heavy security.

When a learned judge is appointed to the bench and selects attorneys on both sides who are zealous advocates with high ethical standards, then, coupled with lead plaintiffs and defendants who attend court hearings and direct and control their litigation by active participation, justice more often will be served

Special Counsel to the Lead Plaintiff in the Halliburton Company Securities Litigation, Neil Rothstein of Truth in Corporate Justice LLC (worldwidetree@, who attended the annual Halliburton shareholders meeting on May 17, 2006 in Oklahoma, was not permitted to enter the Simmons Center in Duncan where there were supposedly two hundred people gathered inside. The Lead Plaintiff, of the Archdiocese of Milwaukee Supporting Fund, Inc. (“AMS Fund”) is a current shareholder. The AMS Fund requested its attorney in writing to attend the meeting. The document, signed by an official at the AMS Fund, Vice President Paula N. John, authorized Mr. Rothstein to attend this meeting on its behalf and thereafter, to observe and report back to the AMS Fund, Inc. The Archdiocese of Milwaukee Supporting Fund, Inc. (“AMS Fund”) recently requested that Neil Rothstein be appointed Special Counsel to the Lead Plaintiff in the Halliburton Securities Fraud Class Action Litigation case (

Mr. Rothstein is the Founder and Chief Managing Officer (“CMO”) of the Worldwide Tree™ Group. The group consists of Truth in Corporate Justice LLC (“TCJ”), and its subsidiaries, the Global Governance Center LLC, and Class in Action LLC. Additionally, the Group contains Worldwide Tree Multimedia LLC. Contact Truth in Corporate Justice LLC at 310/459-2560 or 800/610-4998 or Neil Rothstein directly at 619/251-0887. TCJ is a limited liability company that will scrutinize, support and endorse those law firms that adhere to TCJ’s ethical and competency standards in order to maintain the integrity of the legal system in the United States. TCJ seeks to empower anyone facing legal problems with education, access, guidance, networking and more. It avails its resources, access and knowledge to both plaintiffs and defendants and uses its power to empower those who have been injured by corporate greed or by corporations and their directors and officers who might be falsely accused of wrongdoing.

The following is an account of the events that occurred on May 17, according to attorney Neil Rothstein:

On Wednesday May 17, 2006 Halliburton held its annual meeting in Duncan Oklahoma, a rural town approximately two hours outside of Oklahoma City. The closest town that Rothstein could reserve a hotel room was in the town of Lawton, approximately thirty-five minutes from Duncan (which Rothstein was told had only about 90 motel rooms; Halliburton has well over 500,000 shareholders). Upon arriving at the Simmons Center, which according to its website can seat almost one thousand people, Rothstein presented the letter of representation that he had been given by his client. AMS had requested his attendance so as to uphold its fiduciary duty required by law in the ongoing securities litigation and because it was entitled to attend. He was permitted to park in the attendees’ parking lot after being stopped and having the document read by two law enforcement officers.

Approximately fifty feet from the entrance an officer dressed in plain clothes walked in front of him and asked him what he was doing there. Rothstein explained that he represented a shareholder and handed him the signed authorization letter. Without looking at the letter, or knowing who he was, he told Rothstein that he could not enter the building. Rothstein requested that the officer read the letter and the officer glanced quickly at the document, proceeded to fold it over and stated “This ain’t Milwaukee”. He then directed Rothstein to stand in the protestors’ area. Rothstein informed the officer that he was not a protestor and that he was there on behalf of his shareholder client. Before Rothstein could respond, the officer requested “backup”. Rothstein was never asked for identification, he was not able to speak to any Halliburton representative and the officer disallowed his entrance without consulting anyone from the Company.

Rothstein moved beyond the roped area as instructed.

Thereafter Rothstein heard helicopters flying overhead, looked up only to realize that S.W.A.T. forces were on the roof of the building. Rothstein then closely surveyed with detail: the countless number of armed law enforcement officials, a group of about sixty protestors and even a few masked demonstrators. Rothstein requested an Oklahoma City attorney to find a person who would get his authorization to David Lesar, the CEO of Halliburton. A little while later he was given back the document and was told that it was believed that three Halliburton representatives had reviewed the document and would not permit his entrance. (Rothstein cannot verify that any representative of Halliburton reviewed the document).

Rothstein took one more look around and decided to leave. Thereafter, he drove two hours from the remote location and left Oklahoma. Rothstein reported to his client that he was denied access to the meeting and that he later learned the meeting had less than two hundred attendees.

The Litigation: Recently, Halliburton and certain individual defendants filed a Motion to Dismiss in the securities litigation, a major part of which was denied by the Court. This is a noted case, as the AMS Fund objected and blocked a previously announced $6 million settlement and had the other lead attorneys and plaintiffs removed from their leadership positions (some withdrew voluntarily prior to their potential dismissal). Pursuant to the Court order, an updated complaint has been filed. Information regarding this litigation case can be found at the Halliburton litigation website indicated above as sponsored by Truth in Corporate Justice LLC. Click the tab of interest (Archdiocese of Milwaukee Supporting Fund Inc., et. al. v Halliburton Company, et. al., United States District Court for the Northern District of Texas, Civ. Action No. 3:01-cv-1152-M)

This Halliburton Securities Class Action website is maintained solely by Truth In Corporate Justice LLC. It is not connected to the Court (Northern District of Texas), any law firm or any other party in this litigation. Truth in Corporate Justice LLC and its subsidiaries, Class in Action LLC, and The Global Governance Center LLC were formed to maintain the integrity of our nation’s legal system. “Justice can only be served when learned judges are efficient, coupled with zealous and ethical attorneys advocating for all parties, allow their clients – both plaintiffs and defendants -- to control and direct their litigation and show up in court for all proceedings. TCJ seeks to use its power to empower anyone to get the education and knowledge to obtain the very best legal representation and resources available,” said Neil Rothstein. TCJ contributes not less than ten percent of any profits to the Worldwide Tree ™ Group, which is dedicated to foundations, endowments and scholarships. TCJ believes that no voice should go unheard. No organization that advocates the use of violence or terrorism may receive the assistance of any company under the umbrella of the World Wide Tree Group.

Truth In Corporate Justice LLC attended this meeting at the written request of its client-- a shareholder who is lead plaintiff in the Halliburton case--so that it could be fully informed and therefore carry out its fiduciary duty as required by law to the absent class members in the purported class action. In light of ongoing news of impending indictments of certain class action attorneys and their law firms (the law firm of Milberg Weiss Bershad & Schulman--formerly Milberg, Weiss, Bershad, Hynes & Lerach--and two attorneys from that firm were indicted Friday), the foundation desired to continue to carry out its duties to its fullest extent. TCJ believes that Halliburton should reimburse any costs incurred to any person or entity that had a right to attend this meeting and was denied the ability to enter the building. Further, the proper federal agency should inquire as to why any shareholder or its representative was denied access to attend. TCJ is of the belief that the class action lawsuit is the optimal legal proceeding for cases where the number of people affected are too numerous. “When a learned judge is appointed to the bench and selects attorneys on both sides who are zealous advocates with high ethical standards, then, coupled with lead plaintiffs and defendants who attend court hearings and direct and control their litigation by active participation, justice more often will be served,” said Rothstein.


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