June Weddings –- The Myth, Truth and Media Hype

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What’s all the hype about June weddings? Talk to many wedding professionals and learn that many contemporary brides are breaking tradition. September and October now surpass June in many parts of the country.

History tells us that June Weddings have roots in early Roman times, Pagan traditions and the Elizabethan England… The Roman goddess Juno -- goddess of women’s well being and marriage lends her name to this month.

Pagan traditions of hand-fasting, summer solstice -- the longest day of the year, first harvest -- not only of crops but said to be the ‘harvest of emotions” are all part of the origin of the June wedding. Our current honeymoon, has origins in the Pagan “honey moon” -- the first moon after the summer solstice and named for the honey-flavored mead drunk after the solstice hand-fasting.

In early Elizabethan England weather became warm enough in late May for common people to come outdoors and bathe… come June, they were still clean enough to be married off.

"Today’s more educated, media savvy and computer aged brides (and grooms) are sharing the wealth, they learned quickly that weddings during “non-traditional” months not only made finding locations and qualified wedding professionals easier, but often times saved them money as well" says Mark Kingsdorf wedding expert and owner of Philadelphia's The Queen of Hearts Wedding Consultants.

Today’s mainstream media seems to be the only one a half step behind both brides and bridal media. Bridal media releases new publications before June – hitting brides for the upcoming fall, and after June for the next spring.

"While most mainstream media is still focused on “June Wedding” everything…. Brides getting married in June and July are too busy to notice… while September and October brides (the new June in many parts of the country) are too far into the planning to care. Wedding planning is now a 24/7, 365 proposition." says Kingsdorf who would love to see the media interview professionals and cover wedding planning articles year round.

Today’s brides are planning farther in advance, looking for non-traditional months to make life easier, save as much as possible, and bathing more often.

Mark Kingsdorf is a nationally recognized speaker on wedding etiquette, history and planning as well as marketing for wedding professionals.

Kingsdorf has been featured on the Style Network's hit "Whose Wedding Is It Anyway?" and is a contributer to "Wedding Etiquette, fifth edition" by Peggy Post; as well as the soon to be released companion wedding planner.


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