Needed: 10,000 Wiccan Teachers by 2008

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America's Third Largest religion in the next decade is likely to be Wicca. With numbers doubling every 18 months, Witch School needs 10,000 Teachers by the end of 2008.

Wicca is the fastest growing minority religion in America and is becoming popular globally. Practitioners of this earth religion are called Wiccans or more commonly Witches, and practice a spirituality centered on a living world and acceptance of a universe more amazing then our minds can even comprehend. Wicca is on the verge of becoming the third largest religion in America. As Wicca continues to grow they will need at least ten thousand Wiccan Teachers by the end of 2008 to meet their community educational needs.

To answer that demand for teachers, Witch School Director Ed Hubbard has been putting out the call put for mentors and teachers globally since 1999, and has helped train over 2,000 mentors, clergy and teachers so far. He still needs more mentors and teachers because Witch School maintains a student body of over 160,000 students and it continues to grow daily. The need for teachers is strong, and Witch School represents only one branch of the growing Wiccan faith.

When Rev. Hubbard is asked "What is driving the Wiccan movement?" he explains. "Wicca offers two truths that have come from our earliest human beliefs. The first is that we are reborn, the whole world is constantly reborn, and that is even true of our souls. We return in one form or another because the universe does not waste anything. We reincarnate. No fearsome hells, no everlasting heavens, but a view that explains those places and many more that exist in the spiritual realms around us."

WS Director Hubbard continues "The second is that we already have everlasting life, that our souls are immortal and we honor Deity through our lives. We are part of a living world and we share this world with beings of incredible awareness, from plants and animals to spirits to things we cannot explain. We learn because knowledge is important, all knowledge is worth knowing, and since we have everlasting life, we build our psychic minds by all the things we can learn. If we can unleash all the knowledge stored within you then we can do anything we could imagine including what others call magick. That is what makes Wicca a real change in so many lives and bringing more people to the Craft."

So Witch School has set out the call for 10,000 more Wiccan teachers to help provide online and in person training for these newly awakened Wiccans. That won't be a simple task as the number of Wiccans keep doubling every 18 months. But Ed Hubbard feels that the Mentors of Witch School are up to the task.

If you want to know more about this growing faith go to and you too can receive a free education in Wicca. That's the Witch School promise, and it is why they need those 10,000 teachers.


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