Infrared Sauna Therapy Saves Ground Zero Heroines/Heroes Suffering From 9/11 Related Skin Rashes and Illnesses

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A study released by the Olive Leaf Wholeness Center on March 21, 2006 linked 160 persons' abnormally high incidence of respiratory and digestive problems, insomnia, skin rashes, depression, weight gain, lethargy, recurring headaches, and elevated blood pressure to heavy metal toxicity -- excessive levels of lead and mercury -- as well as the 1000 tons of asbestos, 130,000 gallons of oil, 10,000 gallons of jet fuel, and airborne cancer-causing dioxins dumped on lower Manhattan by the malicious terrorist attack. Following successful primary treatment utilizing sulfur compound DSMA, infrared therapy was an adjunctive therapy utilized to transport heavy metals from survivors’ tissues and more specifically, to reduce their related skin rashes.

On March 21, 2006, Olive Leaf Wholeness Center, in conjunction with the Red Cross Disaster Recovery Fund, released the results of its demonstration project, Project Olive Releaf, in which 160 subjects, including lower Manhattan residents, police, firefighters and other Ground Zero first responders were successfully treated for chronic illnesses caused by the severe environmental catastrophe caused by the terrorist attack on the Twin Towers. Infrared sauna therapy was an effective secondary therapy useful in reducing skin rashes and toxicity.

In humid temperatures -- caused by fires that burned for months -- many first responders wore short sleeved shirts that exposed their upper body skin to the atmosphere. They climbed mounds of superheated wreckage saturated with chemicals that made their feet wet. Personnel labored here for several months until being replaced by other workers who stayed on through May 2002.

These heroes, as well as ordinary residents returning home, were subjected to benign yet extremely lethal substances. Project Olive ReLeaf determined that the Towers’ collapse and 1000+ degree fires combined to release into the atmosphere over 2400 chemicals including:

1.) 200,000 – 400,000 pounds of lead from computers and other equipment

2.) Mercury vaporized from 500,000 light bulbs

3.) Excessive dioxins created by the combustion of plastics with copper

4.) 130,000 gallons of oil and transformer insulating fluid

5.) 400 – 1000 tons of asbestos primarily from office building structures

6.) 10,000 gallons of jet fuel from the two planes

While media and caselaw have made the public familiar with the long-term lethal and cancerous effects of exposure to lead, dioxins and asbestos, scientific literature clearly establishes that exposure to mercury causes significant neurological damage. One attorney representing over 5000 police officers, firefighters, construction workers and sanitation workers in a class action lawsuit asserts that twenty one class members have died from 9/11 related illnesses since 2004.

Based on subjects’ reports of increased airway disease, acid reflux, skin rashes, endocrine disruption, and neuropsychiatric complaints doctors suspected exposure to lead, dioxins and mercury. Eighty five percent of the subjects’ urine tests indicated high concentrations of lead and mercury. Applying chelation treatment using DSMA, an FDA approved sulfur compound, doctors were able to report 60% improvement in the first 100 subjects.

Infrared sauna therapy was one of several of secondary treatments (in addition to acupuncture, IV vitamin and mineral supplementation, sound healing) applied to restore subjects’ immune systems and facilitate detoxification. Infrared sauna therapy and detox wraps transferred mercury, lead, and other heavy metals from of the subjects’ bodies, and in the process dramatically reduced chronic skin rashes many survivors had been experienced for more than four years.

Sauna, massage, detox clay, herbal body wraps and sound healing were also part of an integrated holistic and health care “healing touch” spa session enabling survivors to reduce their post traumatic stress and better experience their healing process.

Thanks to the Olive Releaf Wholeness Center and to one hundred sixty survivors of this environmental catastrophe, centuries of sauna detoxification claims were demonstrated to be more fact than myth. SaunaDream urges you to order an infrared sauna today and be a hero in your home.


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